Magnetic car signs are a great way to advertise to local consumers. Taking proper care of your signs will help keep them in tip-top shape!

Things You Will Need

1. Hot/cold water depending on what kind of weather you live in.
2. Soft wash cloth

Step 1

1. Only attach vehicle magnets to clean, flat portions of the vehicle.

2. Do not attach magnets to portions of the vehicle that have ridges, trim, or rust. These will prevent the magnet from laying flat and having proper grip on the car.

3. When applying the magnet, place one corner of the sign first and let the magnetic grip position the rest of the sign. Remove any air bubbles and make sure the magnet is firmly placed before driving.

Step 2

1. When removing your vehicle magnet, make sure not to bend the corners of your sign.

2. If you reside in a colder environment, it may be advisable to pre-heat the magnetic sticker with warm water to prevent cracking. Of course this goes for those who live in warmer climates as well - it may help to pour cooler water over stickers that may have become hot enough to bond to vehicle surfaces.

3. To clean magnets, run room temperature water over them while using a soft cloth to wipe any dirt or grunge away. If soap is needed, only use a mild soap - do not soak magnets in water.

4. Make sure vehicle magnets are completely dry before re-application.


Tips & Warnings