Results are out, and the magnets rose victorious. Practitioners of alternative healing agreed and case studies show that magnets may be the answer on generation-long problems on Chronic Pain. These studies have been described as the Magnet Therapy and are said to be clinically proven to reduce pain, accelerate healing and improve circulation.

What is Chronic Pain by the way?

Chronic Pains are usually piercing muscle pain in the brows, around back of the neck, upper and lower back and around the legs. They are usually caused by stress, fatigue or at times, indication of other serious conditions such as Fibromyalgia.

These pains are usually controlled by a simple aspirin or other pain killers, but unlike OTC medicines, magnets have no risks of side-effects like staying up late or serious stomach problems such as gastrointestinal side effects, including ulcers and hemorrhage. Several studies include a medicine college in Houston found out that magnets really are good pain blockers and thus promote relief to suffering patients. When these magnets come into contact with our skin, they relax walls of the nerves and allow more blood to flow to the affected area.

Though there are still arguments about the magnets' effectiveness or just the Placebo effect but until these numerous testimonials and promising advertisements continue to surface, magnets will be the number one alternative medicine contender against chronic pain.

But don't try to just start sticking refrigerator magnets onto your skin. Magnets' strength is measured in gauss. The higher the gauss, the more the magnet will become effective since it can easily penetrate the skin and promote proper if not more blood flow. Your toy magnet may only have up to 10 gauss compared to medical magnets that ranges from 200 gauss to a Tesla (10,000 gauss) and may cost up to 900 USD.

Medical magnet products in the market come with an ample number of shapes and forms. An American company sells these magnets collaborated with everyday things like a bed, pillow, seat, insoles, mask or even a splint. For a pain around the head, the mask may get handy and if you want the back pain to be relieved at the luxury of your home, you may place your order at the cost of 700USD. But generally, you just have to affix the medical magnet directly over the area with chronic pain. You can just take a tape to hold it down or just gently massage your way to relief.