The use of magnets for health dates back thousands of years. In fact what may seem to some as new age mumbo jumbo has actually been studied and practiced by medical doctors since the fourteen hundreds. Magnetic products are built into just about every item that touches your body from magnetic insoles to magnetic pillows and everything in between. So whether you are a long time user of medical magnets or are just starting to become curious to there healing powers this article will help you find many of the most common and some not so common magnetic products. 

Magnetic Wrist Bracelets


Sabona Magnetic BraceletUsed by young and old, professional and recreational athletes and perhaps someone in your own family. Magnetic bracelets are one of the most common magnetic products used. Worn for there many potential health benefits including relief from pain in general, relief from pain caused injuries, sore muscles, carpel tunnel syndrome as well as inflammation. There are many different types and styles of magnetic bracelets that are marketed for a few specific areas like magnetic bracelets for men and women magnetic bracelets for arthritis or different pains but the truth is they are all basically the same so if you find one that you like chances are it will work. The main differences are the material they are made from and the strength of the magnets. Pricing on magnetic bracelets can vary widely from as little as three or four dollars to over a hundred dollars. So just to be fair we will give a description of two different bracelets one from the lower price range and one from the upper. The Healing Hematite Magnetic Stretch Bracelet is a good example of an inexpensive but attractive bracelet. It is available for under five dollar and actually come with two different colored bracelets that alternate hematite and colored beads including purple, pink, silver, black, blue and gHealing Hematite Magnetic Stretch Braceletold. The second more expensive bracelet is the Sabona Gold/Silver Rope Duet Copper Magnetic Bracelet. Like most magnetic bracelets is designed for men or women it is made of 99.9% pure copper and has two magnets with a magnetic strength of 1700 gauss one on each end of the bracelet plus it is plated with a combination of gold and silver. Both examples can be purchased from With one of the widest selections of magnetic bracelets and great customer service is one of the best places to find just the right bracelet no matter what your price range.


Magnetic Knee Supports


KneedIT XM Magnetic Therapeutic Knee BandWhen it comes to magnetic knee supports there are a few different categories the magnetic knee brace and the magnetic knee strap. Both used for the same purpose of supporting the knee but with slightly different designs. A good example of a magnetic knee strap is the KneedIT XM Magnetic Therapeutic Knee Band which is described by the Kneed-it company as "a safe, natural, non-invasive, low cost device which helps the body heal itself of minor discomfort." One size fits most and designed to be used on either leg the KneedIT XM is recommended for relief of minor pain from common ailments like tendonitis and HoMedics MW-KHC TheraP Hot/Cold Therapy Knee Wrap with the Power of Magnetsarthritis. It is not recommended that people with electronic implants like pace makers and pregnant women wear this or any other magnetic device.

One of the best selling magnetic knee braces is the Homedics MW-KHC TheraP Hot/Cold Therapy Knee Wrap with the Power of Magnets. This wrap is an all in one, one size fits all pain relieving product. It is designed to hold the included cold pack for use with sprains and strains, a heat pack for aches and pains and it also contains eight neodymium magnets. So no matter the situation as long as it's minor this brace can help relieve your pain.  

Magnetic Mattress Pad, Cover and Underlay


Magnetic Mattress PadMagnetic mattress pads can be very expensive but compared to other magnetic health products that only work on one part of the body they are well worth the money. Sometimes labeled different names magnetic mattress pads, covers and underlay's are all the same, they are thick pads that lay on top of your mattress but under the sheets. Pads come in many different sizes from pillow pads like the Magnetic Therapy Pad/Pillow Pad that is only 19" x 15" to large pads that are made to cover king size beds. One of the cheapest magnetic mattress pads you will find is the Restonic Bio-Flex Magnetic Therapy Pad in white. The Restonic mattress pad comes in four sizes twin, full, queen, king and California king. It is made with a polyester/cotton blend with hypo allergenic Slumbersoft polyester fiberfill and has a built in stretch fit skirt that fits mattresses up to 18" thick. This magnetic mattress pad is also designed with a patented BMMI Bio-Flex concentric technology that according to the manufacturer promotes nerve stimulation, natural healing and the relief of pain in some people.

So as you can see there are more products than can be mentioned or cover in an article of this size but one tip to help you save a few bucks. If you find a certain magnetic product, brand or model from Amazon or any other site that you would like to price shop before buying that can easily be done on price comparison sites like where they give you a list of the cheapest places to make your purchase plus rank each site they recommend on reliability and customer service.