Is the air or heat coming from your ceiling registers making you feel frustrated or uncomfortable in your own home? Luckily someone had the bright idea to invent a practical solution; deflectors with magnets to redirect the air flow just the way you like it. The smallest, simplest gadgets can add major value to our comfort levels at home and on the job.

If you have ever had heat blasting in your face when you are sick in bed with a sore throat, your mouth can get so dry it feels like sand paper. Some people love hot air blowing on them, but as a penguin myself, I can't tolerate heat in my face; especially in winter laying on my couch writing.

My sofa sits directly under a register. As that is the only area in my living room that it can fit, I have no choice but to accept it. As a renter, my register has been painted over and over again. The adjustable handle that moves the vent air flow is actually frozen into position. A magnetic deflector is just what I need.

Here are the major benefits of deflectors:

  • They keep drapes or furniture from blocking air flow.
  • They protect fabrics like sheers from being sucked in to vents.
  • They move air away from windows and into the room.
  • They point air directly to your favorite lounging spot.
  • They can help reduce your AC or heat requirements.
  • They let you take advantage of the natural behavior of hot and cold air.
  • Lets you control air direction on registers that are fused stuck with layers of paint, rust or old age.

Unbreakable Air Deflectors For Heat Or AC

It's funny how a little thing like air flow can make or break your comfort level. For some reason, vents can appear to make heat or AC too diluted to make a difference, or they can blast you at all the wrong angles. The one place where we like to have control is in our homes. A magnetized deflector lets you turn it around based on which direction you prefer the air to go.

As a matter of fact, how we use a deflector efficiently is based on the natural characteristics of hot air versus cold air behavior. Hot air rises, so we need to point air down in winter to the colder air close to the floor. Cold air sinks, so we need to point air up in summer to the warmer air around the ceiling.

Model 50 Premium Unbreakable Air Deflector
Amazon Price: $5.49 $3.58 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 12, 2015)
A popular pick with reassuring reviews. The low price is also a plus. It works for both ceiling or floor vents.The hard material is made in the USA and can handle heat as well as air conditioning.

Adjustable Magnetic Air Deflector for Sidewall and Ceiling Registers

There are just as many vent locations as there are home designs. Older houses can have sideboard heat and more floor vents than modern homes. Sometimes it seems that construction companies put vents in the worst places as far as decorating goes.

I have seen them nestled along the baseboard directly under living room windows. They cause issues with air flow when you hang drapes. Sidewall vents can be challenge too. Some of them are located in hallways where all the air flows towards the front door and out into the neighborhood.

Accord APSWDF Adjustable Magnetic Air Deflector for Sidewall and Ceiling Registers
Amazon Price: $4.97 $4.57 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 12, 2015)
This one is made for steel registers with an adjustable size of 10-16 inches. This is considered a tapered design.

Adjustable Heat Deflector - Pack of 2

By now you may be wondering if there is a difference between deflectors that have tapered tops and ones that are curved. I am sure there is some scientific explanation for how curves and tapers affect airflow dynamics, but for the most part, they are just designed that way by the manufacturer.

Most deflectors for floors, ceilings and sidewalls have several inches of depth to allow for meltdown prevention. 

Thermwell #HD5 10-14" Adjustable Heat Deflector - Pack of 2
Amazon Price: $13.94 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 12, 2015)
Packs are versatile for homes that have more than one vent causing problems with air flow. The gently sloping backs let curtains hang smoothly behind the frame.

Air Diverter For Specialty Vents Or Commercial Uses

Cold OfficeCredit:, Cold Office On Sunday by Julla Roy, No Modifications, you ever walked into an office in the middle of a heat wave and noticed the secretaries shivering in their cubicles? Unfortunately, builders don't always put the heat or AC vents in convenient places. For every worker that loves the icy blast of air conditioning on their skin, there are as many that absolutely hate how cold they get at the office.

Typically, commercial vents don't look like the ones we have at home. Many have a nestled, graduated shape that requires a well-fitted snap-on deflector system. Depending on how much authority and influence you have at work, how much the cold affects your productivity and whether you share the space with others, a deflector is a fantastic option.

Of course, if your company is too cheap, oops, I mean budget conscious, to even provide heat for a flea, ear muffs and gloves may be your only option.

Air Diverter 2'x1' #4873
Amazon Price: $29.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 12, 2015)
A nice solution for chilly offices, conference rooms, cafeterias and remodeled basements.

How To Choose The Right Diverter

It's really not too hard to pick the right one for your needs. You have to measure your vents and determine if they are, indeed, metal. Most vents are metal, but some are made of plastic. Check whether you prefer the top of the deflector to curve or be more like a straight edge.

If you plan on using them under furniture, then your clearance measurements are important.

If you have kids, dogs or cats running around the house, keep in mind that magnetic pieces could still be dislodged by little feet and curious paws.

If you choose a durable material that handles heat without buckling, has strong magnets and gets positive reviews, it is well worth it in terms of comfort and efficiency for your home or work space.