By using Mahalo Answers search engine on the internet, you can actually ask real people questions, comment on other people's questions or answers, or even get paid to answer questions and help other people at the same time. The person who has a question to ask will determine how much he or she is willing to pay for the answer. The person asking the question has the right to choose how much he or she wants to pay for the answer. The customer asking the question can offer any amount, but has to at least pay one Maholo dollar for the answer to the question.

If you would like to get started making money on the internet with Mahalo Answers, then there are certain things you should do.

In order to be able to answer questions and make money with Mahalo Answers, you must sign up for a Mahalo account and activate it by signing in.

You should choose to answer the questions that are paying for the answer by searching for questions that are offering a tip to the person with the best answer.

After you log into your Mahalo account, you should click on the 'Open Questions' link and then proceed to the 'Offering Tip' section of the website. Different questions and the amount of Mahalo dollars offered for the best answer to the question will be shown on the 'Offering Tip' link.

You need to only answer the questions that you are qualified to answer and be confident that you are giving an informative and accurate answer. You also have the option of supplying the customer with videos, pictures, or other links to help back up your answer and help the customer gain further information on the question. Always answers questions about subjects that you are informed about.

It is important to list any sources that you have referred to in obtaining your answer in the special box section for sources to show which site you used to find your answers. If you have answered a question for someone, you can request to get all answers that come in for that question via email.

You will be notified by email and your Mahalo account will be updated with your earned funds everytime your answer is chosen by the customer as the best one. When payments are made through PayPal, every Mahalo dollar you earn by answering the question will equal 75 cents. Your earned money will be transferred automatically into your your PayPal account once you have earned 40 Mahalo dollars in your Mahalo account which will then equal $30 US dollars. Money is transferred from your Mahalo account to your PayPal account on the 15th day of the following month that you worked. Although working with Mahalo Answers community may not make you wealthy, you can make a lot of extra money if you do a good job and answer the questions correctly.