Mahogany has been settled on as the basic standard for good-looking furniture for offices. This is due in part to its consistency of texture and grain, and in part to its simple appearance. The rich brown-red color of mahogany is difficult to mistake for anything else, and gives a room both dignity and warmth.

Although there are more valuable woods to make a desk of, and cheaper ones as well, nothing quite does the same job of compromising quality and affordability like mahogany. A desk made of mahogany isn't necessarily that expensive, but it does cost that little bit extra that is used to make it a truly quality product for looks and sturdiness of design. Starting at a hundred and forty or fifty dollars is usually more than enough for a starter desk, although you can get better types if you're ready to spend more.

The less open space is incorporated into a desk, whether it's mahogany or otherwise, the heavier and more dignified it will appear. This can be useful for imparting a sense of rank and privilege. But if you want to be low-key and casual, look for a desk that doesn't appear quite so heavy and stuffy. If you have a lot of little things to keep track of, you will probably want a fuller design simply to have places to put your things.

One style that's achieving more success recently in **modern office desks** is the reception-based design. Frequently found in mahogany, it utilizes a double-sided perpendicular design. This helps the desk fit into different areas and room structures. It also potentially doubles the area the worker has to work with effectively.

Don't be tricked by desks that are called mahogany when that mahogany only goes so far as the outer finish. Furniture can be finished to look like something it's not remotely made of underneath, and this is sometimes used by dishonest sellers to overprice products. There's nothing wrong with a mahogany-finished desk instead of one that's mahogany right to the core, but make sure you pay the appropriate price either way.

**Mahogany desks** that feature special shelves just for keyboards are becoming more common than otherwise nowadays. While you may not need this if you don't use a computer, if you do, then it can be invaluable. What's better than being able to keep your keyboard right next to you, but also out of the way?

A desk made of mahogany may require some work to assemble, or it may be all of one piece. No-assembly style desks are harder to move, so be cautious about purchasing such a desk unless you're ready for the substantial strain involved in getting it into position. A desk that you have to put together is a much simpler task, since you can carry it piece by piece.

The fact that mahogany is such a consistent and obtainable working material makes it a good theme overall for an office or other business room. Once you get the desk, it's not that difficult to find other items of the same wood to match. This can be much more difficult a task if you choose a rarer material for your furnishings.