Being entitled as "Maid of honor" can be a memorable experience for you. It feels great to take charge of your sister's or best friend's wedding and make it the most exciting day of her life.
When you decide to plan the wedding, you must realize that it will require you to render a lot of your time, effort and money. If you get a call to be someone's maid of honor, don't forget to evaluate your financial state before saying 'yes'.
What should you expect to pay for?
Maid of honor is definitely not an inexpensive title. If you end up accepting the bride's offer, you will have to part with a lot of your money. There are certain prominently identified expenses that you must keep in mind.
1. A beautiful bridesmaid dress is an absolute necessity. Not investing in gorgeous dress material and charming cuts is unimaginable. A Bridesmaid's dress is the foremost and the heaviest expense that needs to be met. Of course you must understand that your attire won't be complete without buying matching shoes, jewelry and other accessories for the event. Also, do not dare to underestimate the need of professionally done hair and makeup, because it will help you to earn some handsome peeks.

2. Bachelorette party and bridal shower planning is another major task for a maid of honor. Planning of eventful parties will not turn out to be cheap. You will need to chip in money along with other bridesmaids and the bride's mother, for setting up these two praiseworthy gatherings. There is, however, a possibility that you may need to shed your pockets for some of the last minute expenses. Good planning would ensure your escape from unforeseen monetary contributions during these parties.

3. If the bride ends up fulfilling her dream of getting married in one of the most exotic locations on the planet, you will have to arrange for your travelling too. Depending on where the wedding ceremony is, you may need to pay for airplane tickets and hotel rooms. This can potentially put a very serious burden on your pockets. If that is not enough, what if the bride asks you to book a room in some luxurious hotel with her?

4. Last but the most imperative expense has to be the wedding gift for the bride. Do not try to save cash here. It will put a major dent on your image and in an extreme case it can also spoil your relations with the wedding couple. Try to get a gift which is sophisticated and valuable and after buying it, do not fret over this spending.

Now that you are aware of the potential expenditure involved in being a maid of honor, you must assess beforehand if you will be able to afford the title or not. If you think you can not, then there is no harm in politely saying 'No' to bride and saving your grace. You can explain that you'd love to be there for her as maid of honor, but will not be able to afford all the costs.