In the United States, there is always a debate when it comes to tipping for professional services. This can be confusing for Americans let alone foreign visitors who struggle to understand local customs. While tipping in bars and restaurants is an expected common courtesy with gratuities often included in bills, tipping maid services is a grey area. In one corner we have those who believe you should tip as standard while others suggest that maid services are already paid enough and don’t need an additional tip. With the maid service industry increasing exponentially, tipping is an issue that needs to be discussed thoroughly.

To Tip Or Not To Tip?
After lengthy research, a variety of surveys suggest that tipping employees of a maid service is not necessary. Bosses of these companies state that their staff was trained not to expect tips and in general, they did not receive any. However, it is a good idea to build up a rapport with cleaning staff if they are to service your home regularly. You can do this by giving them extra cash but even a ‘thank you’ note or a small gift will be greatly appreciated.

Other cleaning firms suggest that tipping is not necessary on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis but they do suggest leaving a large tip at Christmas. A tip of 20-30% during the holiday season will add some festive cheer to the lives of cleaning staff. Above all, don’t feel guilty for not tipping. When cleaning positions are advertised, tipping is not included in the compensation package so applicants already know that they can’t expect gratuities to bump up their wages.

If You Decide To Tip
Some people just feel compelled to add a little extra to the wage packets of service industry workers; after all, a happy cleaner is an efficient cleaner. You must be aware of the fact that maid service employees are wary of the fact that they are in your home. Therefore, leaving cash lying around the house as a tip is not a good idea. The staff has no idea whether it is a tip or if you have been careless with your cash. Either way, they will leave the money alone and your tipping effort will have been wasted.

The safest thing to do is hand them the cash yourself. However, it is likely that you will be away during the cleaning process. A simple way around this is to leave the cash in a clearly marked sealed envelope. Write the name of the maid service company on the envelope and explain that it is a tip. This will guarantee that no misunderstandings arise.

It’s important to remember that employees of a maid service industry have a difficult and sometimes thankless job. Although they don’t expect regular tips, it is important to show your appreciation from time to time. If nothing else, a healthy bonus as the holiday season approaches will be a welcome income boost. You can be sure that if you treat cleaning staff well, your home will be pristine clean.