Welcome! So you're the maid of honor at your best friend's wedding? It sure is a privilege to be a maid of honor especially for your best friend. Now, you have to create the entire plan and prepare for the wedding. Your duties are not just limited to being the right hand woman of the bride-to-be. You have to be involved with everything the bride needs assistance with. The bride needs help, she's anxious, nervous, and emotional and maybe a tiny bit over the edge. So, you have to lend a hand and give your full support. The bride chose you; you are close friends and she thinks that you can be trusted with the most important day of her life.

This is your first time being the maid of honor, and it's your best friend's wedding. You both got plenty to contribute to the occasion. Here are a few duties you'll have to perform, and arrange for a bridal shower if you're planning on one.

When it comes to planning the wedding, the bride is often stressed. There are many roles that influence a wedding, it could be issues regarding family, or traditions, and budget to work out, keep an eye on the guest list and all the things in between. So here is your role to help save the day! As a maid of honor and giving your best friend support means that you are available with suggestions, and contribution to the auspicious day. But enough of that, you have to plan out two pre-wedding parties for the bride. First a bridal shower, second a bachelorette party. Let's get the bride to loosen up a little bit from all the stress she's been building up lately.

Its Party Time!
Plan out the parties, arrange party favors, and invite all the guests. When this is done, think of some games to play. What better then planning a surprise party for the bride? Here are a few suggestions for games you can play at the bridal shower.

Start with a few trivia games with the bride. Let's say, how well the bride knows the groom. All the bridesmaids and the maid of honor ask random questions about the groom, and the bride has to answer them. Every wrong answer given by the bride will cost her a penalty. Maybe share a secret perhaps. There is no end to the party and games when you are having fun. Next game could be a truth or dare. But, the bride is the only one there being asked the questions and dares from all the guests. Try to have fun with that, and let's see how many questions the bride is willing to answer.

Another fun game could be bridal bingo. It's just like regular bingo but instead of numbers the bingo card has list of presents the bride is expected to receive. Mark off any presents that are on the card as the bride open ups her presents. There is no end to the fun, these are just suggestions, maybe you, the maid of honor can think up of fun and interesting games that'll keep the guests entertained throughout the night.