The maid of honor has a lot of duties. She has to organize a bridal shower, show up at the rehearsal dinner, & buy dyed to match shoes. The entire process can be grueling & make you wonder why you agreed to do this in the first place. The bottom line is that you put up with the late night phone calls from a crazed bridezilla because she is your friend. Of all the wedding duties, the maid of honor speech is the perfect time to express your love for your friend. While public speaking can be nerve wracking, here is how to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Keep it short & sweet. You definitely want to show that you prepared an actual speech. However, some of the guests may roll their eyes if they see you pull out pages & pages to read from. It's perfectly acceptable to use a small note card & practice beforehand so you are as prepared as possible. There are probably several toasts to get through when most people just want to eat & dance at the reception so keep it simple.

Speak from the heart. Find a piece of poetry that adequately expresses how you feel. Put aside any petty differences that you may have had with the bride during the wedding planning process. Instead, remember why you were her friend to begin with.

You also need to be appropriate. Try to go in a cute or funny direction instead of just trying to outdo other speeches that might be over the top. You don't want to embarrass anyone or even cause fights. Make sure it's suitable for the occasion with your maid of honor speeches for a sister you can tell funny childhood stories. Funny maid of honor speeches for sisters would be to recount what she wanted her dream wedding to be like when she was a kid.

Make a memory. Most speech advice would tell you to start with a joke. While this can warm the audience up, be appropriate to the occasion. The groom probably doesn't want to hear about all of the bride's dating escapades. Also, remember that this toast will be given in front of family & friends. It's something that may be videotaped & stored for years. Make sure it isn't too embarrassing & that you are as sober & relaxed as possible.

Follow these tips & the toast will be the last thing you will have to worry about on your long list of maid of honor tasks.