Picture this, you as a rural homeowner, waiting for something important in the mail. You are not sure exactly when the mail is delivered, it tends to be a bit different each day depending on the carrier. You walk to the end of the cold laneway only to find no mail.

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This is when a mailbox sensor would be a great gadget to have. These wireless remote mailbox sensors, are tiny, and fit in the mailbox quite well. They can be used for any type of mailbox, and are not restricted to rural areas!

As soon as the mailbox is opened, then the mailbox sensor will send a signal to the receiver that you will have in the house. This receiver is also small, and plugs into a regular electrical outlet. It will let out 4 beeps, and then have a flashing red light in case you didn't hear the beeps, until you reset it when you go and get your mail.

It can be handy to know when the post has been delivered, especially if you are expecting something important and don't want it left in the post box too long.

These little gadgets can be really handy, and the signal can go up to 300 feet no problem. They operate off of a battery, that comes in the package when you first purchase your remote mailbox sensor. This is the only part you will eventually have to replace, is the battery.

Think of the cold trips you can save going to your mailbox. Even in town, this can be handy, not only for knowing when the mail has been delivered but also will let you know if unauthorized people are peeking in your mailbox.

If you run a home office, then this can be a great way to find out when the mail has arrived, rather than keep leaving your office to go and check. No one likes to leave their mail in the mailbox for too long anymore, with all the concerns of identity theft and security and of course the weather.

Plus if you are waiting on mail, or packages, then this would make a great gadget for you. These are easy to install, and comes with complete instructions. These can also be installed on wall mailboxes as well as the main door postal slots, anything with a opening door or lid. If you are in another room, it is nice to be notified that the mail has arrived.

These remote mailbox sensors are under 50 dollars, Mail Chime - Wireless Mail Alert System and would make a great gift, especially to anyone with mobility problems, who don't want to keep making long trips down the driveway to check on the mail. They will know right away, and can make one trip.

You can purchase these remote mailbox sensors in home improvement stores, but you can also get them quickly online with Amazon. So, if you are tired of wondering when the mail will show up, now you will know exactly when and can then go and get it with one trip. They are pretty tough and weather resistant too.

I know with my rural mailbox, the post carrier doesn't always remember to put up the red flag on the side of the post box, which is really the only way to know whether the mail has arrived or not, and mine is not in sight. These mailbox sensors are a great idea.

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