China is the main provider of items for Australia. Main items exchanged are clothes, textiles, toys, sporting goods, prams, computers and many others. At 17.94 percent, China leads over the United States of America who only has 11.26 percent total imports into Australia. Although I thought Japan would lead, it only imports 8.36 percent into Australia. Thailand provides a measly 5.81 percent to Australia. Singapore's total contribution to Australia's imports comes at 5.54 percent and Germany comes in last at 5.3 percent. To date, the total value of Australia's imported goods is at $200.4 billion US dollars.

Australia's Top 5 Imported Goods from China

1. Clothing

Clothes will always be a mainstay in our lives forever. It useful since it helps keeps us warm and presentable to others. China is known for its wide selection of clothing and textiles that could supply retailers, wholesalers, importers and even top fashion designers in France, Italy and the United States of America.

2. Communications Equipment

I think the most important gadget of the century is the cell phone. Everywhere I go I see someone using one. Whenever I’m in a crowd of people, there will always be someone at one time will use their phone.

3. Toys and Games

Pick up any squeaky toy and check where it was made and more often than not you’ll see that it was made in China. China is the largest toy making country. Their toys come in different shapes and sizes. With continuous improvement, China's toys got better and better as the years went by.

4. Computers

The electronics manufacturers in China have also continued to improve in terms of build quality and performance. China makes everything down to the last itty bitty nut and bolt used to assemble a basic computer.

5. Furniture

China's furniture venture is on the rise. You can have whatever design or build you want. They can make furniture out of metal, wood, plastic and even paper! Italy is now second to China in the furniture making industry all over the world.

Other products include:

-          Prams and other baby products

-          Sporting goods

-          Televisions and other video equipment

All these products are manufactured in China’s nearly countless number of factories. Because of the cheap labor and the availability of a large workforce, you can be sure that the items will end up with a low cost. This means you'll be able to offer your items at a real low price to your customers.

The uniqueness of the products imported from China to Australia ensures that you can have a whole niche all to yourself. You can even push your own brand name and establish yourself in the market. Businessmen who have identified China as a viable source of products at cost efficient prices and excellent quality have started investing a lot in the Asian country. The low tariff rates have also helped these businessman turn out a great profit in a short amount of time. Your ROI is easily recouped!

Dreaming about a business or item to import? Look towards China, I bet you'll find it there!