A common issue of contention has been the invaluable role an individual's feet play in enduring the rigors of the harshest temperature extremes. While some may put little consideration into foot care, much like many aspects of life, it typically isn't until some object begins to deteriorate or breakdown, where one realizes the incredible importance of taking care of it. Decades of warfare, in the worst possible environments, have displayed this consideration that filters all the way up to the highest in command. This very point is evidenced by the increased consideration given to foot care in training US Military training manuals, and this awareness has only served to make our well-oiled fighting machine only that much more efficient. By wearing the proper products on your feet, you will save a trip to the massage therapist and podiatrist, as well as, this consideration will help save you incredible amounts of both time and money.

Engineering is a term that when heard, makes us think most commonly of mechanical things. To engineer though, is to be creative, innovative and produce a product that works efficiently and independently. For many years now, our nation's technology has continued to climb the ladder of advancement in all things. You are probably asking yourself right now "What does this have to do with feet?" right? Well, tactical socks are specifically engineered for the protection of your feet in any terrain.

Paving the way for the creation of a tactical sock for all climates is X-Static. Attached to a textile fiber is a layer of silver fiber, known as X-Static. This material not only has been used for industrial and medical purposes, it is also now, being used for products purchased by the everyday consumer. It is an antimicrobial (substance that kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses) working hard to keep you and your feet healthy no matter what you may be doing. In extreme cold weather conditions, this material produces and distributes thermal energy while helping your feet fight off infection. While in the desert, special wool fights friction and hot spots of the feet, thus preventing blisters, and helping to fight infections and foot fungus.

There is a tactical sock for just about every need you may have; extreme cold, working in the sand, extreme hot, taking long trips (maybe a convoy or being in a secluded place for a long time), physical training and, of course, for dress wear. Within the term of your career in the military, it is undoubtedly more than a possibility that you will have to experience one of, if not all of these categories. Providing an array of colors and intuitively tuning in to the needs of our military, the manufacturers of tactical socks have utilized their engineers to provide you with only the most durable and high quality foot protection, for everyday use in any terrain, be it the overabundant cold or hot, in the wee hours of the morning for physical training, all the way to events that require that you be in your dress uniform. The need for a pair of superior tactical socks is elevated on military camps and bases around the globe. You work so hard everyday to keep this country safe, and by having healthy feet you are keeping yourself at the best level that you can be.

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