Did your kid ask for a scooter this Christmas, or beg for one on his or her birthday, and you had to say no because they are just too unsafe? This sentiment is common for any parent, as any sentence with the words "kid," "electric" and "scooter" just doesn't sound safe.

With the proper scooter safety, however, your kids can enjoy the exhilarating rush of cool wind in their faces as they zip through the streets, while at the same time, building important safety and motor skills for the future.

You will have to make sure to teach your kids to follow a strict code of scooter safety rules, to prevent any accidents that might be caused by negligence.

First, to ensure scooter safety, make sure that your child is able to balance perfectly on a bicycle before you give him the reins to his own kids electric scooter.

Before you buy your kid, kids electric scooter, first equip him with the proper gear to protect his knees, elbows, and especially his head.

You should make sure to stick to deserted roads, where there is no traffic, as kids electric scooters have much less power than the rest of the vehicles on the road – and to ensure scooter safety you should advise your child to refrain from darting out of driveways or between parked cars.

Along with staying away from heavily trafficked areas, make sure also to find smooth even pavement, as kids electric scooters are the safest on the surfaces they were designed for.

To maintain scooter safety, make sure to learn all the adjacent laws regarding kids electric scooters, as the law may vary in different districts. You should also make sure to impart on your children that their actions on the streets directly affect everyone else on the road.

Riding at night is also against scooter safety protocol, as cars and other vehicles on the road will find it almost impossible to spot scooters, and most kids electric scooters do not come with a fully equipped light system. Make sure also to avoid flimsy shoes or sandals. You want to find a sturdy shoe that will lace up tight around your kid's feet.

You will also want to make sure all the equipment is working on your kids electric scooter, such as the break system, tires and frame. One of the most important rules of scooter safety is that you first learn and understand the user manual, so if any problems crop up, you will be prepared.

Once you have explained to your child all the scooter safety rules entailed with operating and maintaining his scooter, it's time to let him hit the open road.

Not only will your young one think you are the best dad or mom in the world, but buying your child, kids electric scooter will also help to prepare him to be safe on the roads in the future. He will learn the traffic laws and scooter safety, years before he actually steps behind the wheel of a car, while developing the necessary motor skills to navigate the dangerous real world streets.