A good working relationship will be beneficial for both worker and employer. With this, the worker will be able to perform at his best and earn compensation for it and, in turn, the employer will also profit from the productivity of his worker who renders much time and effort to the company.

Needless to say, good employee-employer relationship is crucial in managing a business and therefore should be maintained by the employer.

For the Employers

Employers will gain a lot if they opt to maintain a good relationship with those working for the betterment of his company. He won't have wasted time and the hassle of training another worker if he will keep those who have been trained and are experienced in the field. Here are tips in maintaining good relationship with those working for you:

  • Communicate with your employers regularly

  • Comply with state and federal employment laws

  • Hear out grievances against the management or a co-worker

  • Make sure that the employees are well compensated

  • Conduct seminars, trainings, and team buildings

  • Provide reasonable accommodation to workers' special condition

  • Encourage opinions and suggestions that will improve the management

Employers should also set an example to supervisors and never condone harassment or discriminatory practices in the company. Making a clear stand on these issues will put your workers at ease as they are confident that they will be protected from any form of abuse in the office.

For the Employees

Just like employers, employees can also do something to maintain a harmonious working relationship within the office. They must do their part in making sure that everyone will be able to work together peacefully.

Here are things that you can do to be a better employee:

  • Make sure that you would not harass, threaten, or discriminate anybody

  • Report abuse suffered by co-workers under their supervisors

  • Perform at your best and never let your employer's money go to waste

  • Settle misunderstandings with a co-worker immediately to prevent hostility

  • Be honest and abide by all company rules

  • For queries on wages, overtime, or any other employment issues, approach the person-in-charge in a friendly manner

These things will further tighten the bond between an employer and his worker.

Respect and professionalism are the two values that should never be taken for granted as they can let you avoid disputes that should take up a lot of time.