Rival crock pot lid

Every year, many household slow cookers start to show signs of wear and tear, and so every year many new slow cookers are purchased. While it may be that on occasion a kitchen mishap has resulted in damage to the kitchen crock pot - damge serious enough to warrant the purchase of a whole new slow cooker, much of the time it is maybe only something minor, such as a cracked lid or liner, a broken handle or even just a loose knob on the lid - all problems that can be solved with the prudent purchase of the right replacement parts, that has been used as the reason for buying a brand new slow cooker.

True, it is all too easy to just go to the local kitchenwares store or department store and buy yourself a shiny new Rival Crock Pot with all of the latest fancy features, and maybe it is easy to convince yourself that you and your family deserve a new counter-top kitchen appliance, but wouldn't helping out the bottom line of your household's budget by maintaining the crock pot you've got be a better gift to your family? (and maybe a better gift to the environment, too?)

It might just be that many people don't really know where to look for such things as Rival crock pot replacement parts if and when they have aneed for them beyond searching around their local department store, and that is where I would like to help out with some simple - yet hopefully helpful suggestions.

Let's start with the offline alternative since many of you would probably prefer to keep your shopping experiences with the convenience of the brick-and-mortar retail locations. There are several alternatives here.

An obvious place to look for most would be their local dpartment store, big box store outlets or kitchenwares retail locations where many of you might have purchased your crock pot slow cookers to begin with; while you might be lucky to find replacement crock pot lids, handles or knobs at such plaxces some of the time you cannot really rely on these stores having parts in stock all of the time. Another option is to take a trip to any clearance centers or liquidation retailers that might be in your neighbourhood. The idea here is that you might find your model of slow cooker (especially the more popular and prevailent Rival crock pot brand) being offered at such locatioons for a substantually reduced price - low enough that you could justify buying a new appliance for parts or to replace the old one which you would then keep for parts to help maintain your new purchase in the future.

Another idea is to try visiting a few of the charity retail locations in your area to see what they have to offer. You would be surprised at just how often crock pots and other brands of slow cooker show up on the shelves of such stores in servicable condition. Even though people are loath to give up their trusty slow cookers, many of them still find their way to the charity shop! As an example, the other day I was browsing the aisles of a local Salvation Army Thrifty store location and I was amazed to see at least a half-dozen slow cookers on the shelves of their electronics 'department'. Different sizes, shapes and brand names of slow cooker were all sitting there waiting for the right prudent shopper to come along. Where many would see this as being just a bunch of old appliances, I see it as a stockpile of potential spare parts at very low prices.

Okay, that should give you some ideas about where to shop locally for Rival crock pot replacement parts, but what about the potential of finding the crock pot parts you need online?

Shopping online for such things may seem daunting to some but it shouldn't. So where to begin? If you do a little searching online, you are going to find that many of the major slow cooker manufacturers have an online presence or website offering at least some kind of retail option for replacement slow cooker parts; the Rival Crock Pot company, for example, has a very extensive website that includes an online store where crock pot owners can order replacement parts for their model of Rival crock pot slow cooker if they are in stock. If they are not available there, or you think that their prices are maybe too high, you can also try browsing online to find an alternative retailer who might have the equivalent part available for less. A search on Google or any other search engine should bring up a few of these retailers.

Another alternative online is to try browsing around the various online auction and discount retailers that are out there, such as Ebay or Amazon; you might not find your model of slow cooker the first time you search those sites but try going back a few times because new merchandise listings are a constant for such places. Something else to keep in mind while considering your online alternatives, is that you might luck out and find someone offering just what you need on one of the various online classifieds, such as Craigslist or Kijiji. While they likely will be trying to get rid of a whole slow cooker and not just the liner or lid, you might find that such appliances are being offerd for sale for dirt cheap because the owners just want to move them and don't want to have them sitting around taking up space in their home. After all, to them it is just another used appliance that either has to be sold or given away. Taking it off their hands and paying them a few dollars for it at the same time: they might even tell you that you're doing them a favour! lol

Honestly, with the timely use of the right crock pot replacement parts when you need them, your kitchen slow cooker could enjoy a long and productive life - meaning that you and your family will be enjoying many, many more tasty slow-cooked meals in the future.