Marina I

Marina IIThe Marina at Cap Cana is where enthusiasm for sailing meets lavish luxury in this Mediterranean fashioned enclave. Yachts from all over North America and the Caribbean come to port here to enjoy the world class marlin fishing and to explore the beautiful Eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. Lined with condos, villas, apartments, and resort-hotels, accommodations are varied and abundant. Restaurants and shops adorn the Marina without giving a feeling of overwhelm. Even a nightclub finds itself positioned among the structures. Last but not least a man-made beach and pools hug the sea, giving this special area an all-inclusive feel.

Financial Doom and Resurgence

In the past Cap Cana had been touted by Donald Trump as the World's Next Great Destination.  He had invested millions into a housing development there called Trump Farallon Estates. Well, along came the recession on 2008 and things started to dry up. Trump's investment turned sour here leaving ongoing litigation between him and Cap Cana, S.A.  Until recently Cap Cana and the Marina in particular have seemed sort of like a ghost town. Despite the financial meltdown of 2008 and ongoing litigation with Donald Trump, the Marina is experiencing a revitalization. In just the eight months I have lived here, several villas and condos have been or are in the process of being constructed on the grounds of the Marina. This coupled by the recent opening of the Alsol Luxury Village Resort (Alsol being the parent company of  Sanctuary Boutique Resort Hotel as well) located in the Fishing Village portion of the Marina. Tourists are slowly but surely taking advantage of the facilities the Cap Cana Marina has to offer.

One-Stop Destination

Marina IV

Marina IIIThe Cap Cana Marina is really beginning to emerge as a one-stop all-inclusive destination for tourists and retirees alike. The man-made beach, ornately-designed pools and Api Beach restaurant rival what you can get at Juanillo and Bavaro beaches in terms of food, fun, and sun. The accommodation are vast and diverse with beautifully kept grounds. Dining, shopping, and nightlife are all making their marks on the place. Even a mini-market and bank are present. Security, beauty, tranquility, and diversion are all promised at the Marina. If these aspects of a vacation, retreat, or conference appeal to you, look no further than the Cap Cana Marina.