Make Cotton CandyCredit: Flickr/the_girl

Making 5000 per month selling cotton candy is very feasible as long as you are willing to work hard. If you are too lazy to hustle and get off your butt then you will lose your initial investment.

Cotton candy is melted and spun sugar that was first introduced at the world's fair in 1904. There are numerous machines designed to properly make cotton candy but you need a true commercial grade machine that is designed for high output. Cheap cotton candy machine will simply cost you more money over time.

The first step is to buy a quality commercial grade cotton candy machine. There are many cotton candy making machines that you may consider when buying a cotton candy machine.

X-15 Stainless Steel Whirlwind with High Output Head

The X-15 Stainless Steel Whirlwind is designed for high output of cotton candy. It is not by any means the most productive, but it does a damn good job and you can pick it up for around a $1,000. Once you get proficient at using this machine you make around 4 servings per minute. The x-15 is a great machine and you can always upgrade later. The X-15 cotton candy machine is great to use for commercial applications such as fairs and carnivals where you will be selling a lot of cotton candy.

Once you get your cotton candy machine delivered to you it is time to learn how to properly make cotton candy. Do not wait until your first gig to use your cotton candy machine the first time.

Once you have mastered the art of making cotton candy it is time to get some paying gigs. You have many venues available to you for selling cotton candy. You can sell at fairs, carnivals, school events, and even on the internet.

You will want to use multiple avenues to sell your cotton candy. Eventually you will be able to brand your cotton candy and be able to possible sell it at convenience stores and grocery stores.

One of the great ways to sell cotton candy is to start implementing a fundraiser with the schools in your area. For each bag of cotton candy the kids sell the school receives a set price. You pocket the difference. When you have an army of school children taking advance orders for cotton candy your orders can easily add up into the many thousands of dollars.

Once you network and establish a reputation with the various schools in your area it may be possible to do a fundraiser with a different school each month. When set up properly you can easily make $5,000 or more each month while still being able to raise a significant amount of money for the schools.

Cotton Candy Vendor at Fair

You do not have to limit the fundraising activities to schools. You can also use athletic sport leagues and any other group or organization to sell cotton candy for a fundraiser. Churches are also a good venue for your bagged cotton candy treats.

Cotton candy is basically just melted and spun sugar. Sugar is extremely cheap, especially when you buy it in bulk quantities. The biggest expense in producing cotton candy is the flavored flosses and the bags or cones you will use to package the cotton candy.

If you can organize one school fundraiser each month during the school year you could potentially earn much more than $5,000 per month making and selling cotton candy. During the summer when schools are out you can focus on the various fairs, carnivals, and public gatherings. The mark-up on cotton candy is huge and there is a lot of money to be made. If you accidently make too much cotton candy for an event you will probably have to destroy the remaining cotton candy as it may not last and be fresh until your next event, however the cost is almost nothing if you have waste.

There have been millionaires made in the cotton candy business, so earning $5,000 per month making cotton candy is not rocket science. To make $5,000 per month selling cotton candy you need a commercial grade cotton candy maker and you also need to learn how to properly use it.

Once you have learned dhow to make cotton candy then you work hard at securing venues you can sell at such as fairs, carnivals, and any public gatherings. Selling cotton candy at softball games during the summer has proven to be very profitable for many cotton candy makers.

Your total cost to make and bag 2 ounces of cotton candy will cost you about 10 cents. Most of the cost is in the packaging. You can easily sell your cotton candy for $1.50-$2.00 a bag at most venues. In some venues you can sell a bag of cotton candy for much more. If you are selling a bag of cotton candy at $2.00 a bag and it only costs you .10 cents to make and bag then you have a very high mark-up on your cotton candy product.

When you sell bagged cotton candy as a fundraiser for schools it is beneficial financially for all involved parties. The school kids will take orders for the cotton candy from their friends and families in exchange for token prizes. You may get an order for say 7,000 bags of cotton candy. You sell each bag for $2.00 and donate $1.00 for each bag sold to the school. The school then earns $7,000 for their fundraiser and you make a profit of $6,300.

There is a lot of profit potential available when you make and sell cotton candy. TO be successful making and selling cotton candy you must have a commercial grade cotton candy machine designed for high output. If you buy one of the cheap at home model cotton candy makers you will have a crappy product, it will take too long to make a bulk order of cotton candy, and the cheap motor will burn up quickly.

You need a high pout put commercial grade cotton candy making machine and the initiative to network and make contacts so you can sell this delicious treat.