One of the great thing about the internet is that anyone can make money from the comfort of their own home with little to no investment. There are many examples of kids in high school and even junior high who start making more money on the internet in their spare time then their fathers do working full time. For most of us it is too late to become financially independent while in junior high school or high school. Regardless of you age though do not let the dream of being financially independent fade. It is still very achievable and your only cost is your monthly internet bill.

There are many ways to make money on the internet but the best way in my opinion is by writing for InfoBarrel. InfoBarrel allows you to write about any topic that you like and get paid for it. InfoBarrel uses Google Adsense advertising. You are paid directly from Google for you Adsense earnings.

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How much do you need to make a month to quit your job? Let's assume you live in Southern California and have a lot of expenses and you need to make $5,000 a month in order to quit your job. Here in Idaho where I live $5,000 a month would keep me very "high on the hog"! Is $5,000 a month feasible by writing articles for InfoBarrel? As Sarah Palin would say "You Betcha!"

Writing sites such as Bukisa pay you a set amount of money per thousand page views on your articles. Bukisa is currently paying $3.53 per thousand page views. That sucks! InfoBarrel uses Google Adsense and the site is optimized to use Google Adsense and to maximize your profits with it. Other article writing sites such as Triond allow you to add on Adsense into your account but there is so many non -Adsense ads that many first time readers to Triond are chased off. When you click from one article to another it is not uncommon on the Triond websites to make you wait 10 seconds while you stare at an ad that has nothing to do with the article you just read. With InfoBarrel you never have that problem and you can easily click over to a new article. This is great news. Triond writers may be surprised at the increase of page views.

How much can you make per thousand page views on InfoBarrel? Most people should average at least $10.00 per thousand page views. Lets assume you are averaging $11.00 per thousand page views. To make your $5,000 per month you need to make about $164.00 per day. At $11.00 per thousand page views you need about 14,900 page views per day on your InfoBarrel articles. Thus sounds like a lot of page views and it is.

If you have 50 articles you have wrote for InfoBarrel then you would need to average 298 page views for each article you have per day to get 14,900 page views each day.. That probably will not happen but the more articles you write for InfoBarrel the lower the ration. If you have 250 articles then you need to average 59 page views per article to reach 14,900 page views a day. The more articles you have the easier it is too reach your daily goal of 14,900 page views so you can make around $5,000 per month.

Lets assume you write 5 articles a day for the next year. At the end of one year you would have 1,825 articles published on InfoBarrel. Divide our magic number of 14,900 page views by 1,825 articles and you now have a low ratio. With 1,825 articles you would only need to average 8.16 page views per article in order to make $5,000 per month.

If you continue to write articles after your first year your ratio will go even lower. The more articles you have then the more page views you will get. The more page views you get the more money you make. If you keep writing articles for InfoBarrel on a steady basis then you will achieve $5,000 a month from Google Adsense earnings. How fast you get there is up too you.

Now you may be thinking "OK that sounds good but I can't write hundreds and hundreds of articles".

My answer to this is "YES YOU CAN!". Once you get 50-100 articles up and you start seeing how much you are making it should help motivate you to write much more. If you do not write 4 articles a day that's OK. As long as your are writing articles on a regular basis you WILL eventually achieve your financial goals using the InfoBarrel platform.

Even if you have an extremely hectic and busy life you can write at least one article a day. Take a look at all the time you waste and see where you can fit a quick 400 word article in. Here's some examples of ways you can get an article wrote.

  • Take a bagged lunch to work and then you can write an article on your lunch break instead of going out to the diner.
  • While watching television at home with your family write an article on you laptop while sitting on the couch.
  • Get up half an hour early. A half hour is more than enough time to type out a quick article once you get in your groove.
  • When traveling by car buy an adapter and plug your laptop in. Then you can type out an article while your spouse dives the car.
  • Do homework. While you child is working on their school homework you can punch out an article for Infobarrel.

Take a look at your life and see how you can fit in at least one article per day. Make daily writing a habit. You brush your teeth daily. You shower daily. You watch CNN daily. You also need to write daily.

In order to make $5,000 a month on InfoBarrel you need to:

  • Sign Up For InfoBarrel
  • Write Consistently

As long as you keep adding articles you will meet your financial goals. To meet my financial goals of $1,000 per month I need to average about 3,000 page views per day on InfoBarrel. I try publish daily. I have been a member of InfoBarrel for less than a month and this article here will be my 62nd article for Infobarrel. I keep seeing my daily page views climb and it is very motivational because I know that every time a I write and publish an article on InfoBarrel I am getting closer to my financial goals.

Another great benefit of writing for InfoBarrel is that the earnings are residual. Once you write an article you will profit from it forever. If you end up in the hospital sick and are unable to write articles for a few months then you will still continue to earn money from Google Adsense for the articles you have already wrote.

Infobarrel is the future. Are you signed up yet?