What is an ebook?

An ebook is typically a .pdf document which is segmented into chapters giving information on niche subjects. ebook's can be sold online and delivered straight away via the internet. That way, both you and the buyer can get what you want instantly!

Think of an ebook subject

You should pick something that everyone will be interested about, or at least something that has not been done before! Try to focus on topics which you know best and provide information that is not easily available on the internet.

Write the ebook

You should start out with a clear outline of what you want to write. Try using an A3 piece of paper and brainstorming your outline idea's before you start typing away! When you're done, you can start writing. Some people like to start from the beginning but this isn't always necessary. You can write the biggest chapters first so you can fit the rest of the ebook into the other chapters.

Next, write your chapters.
They should be clearly segmented and easy for the reader to access and find. If you clump all your information into one or two big chapters, your readers will be discouraged from reading it and will tell others not to buy your ebook.

Ready to make your first $800?

So you think you can make 800 bucks with your first ebook? Well there are still a few things you can do to reach that goal quicker!

1) Pick a catchy title
If your title is not catchy, people will not be encouraged to buy it.

2) Hype your ebook
If you have amazing reviews or comments, post them up! Create a website dedicated to your ebook and promote it as much as you can.

3) Advertise it
Sometimes if you have a good ebook, you can benefit by a little advertising. Invest a little money into advertising and you could potentially have a huge return.

4) Sell yourself
If you have a brand name or have some popularity on the internet, use it to your advantage to sell your ebook.

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Pricing your ebook

bksA common question everyone asks is, how much should my ebook cost? Well. that depends on how many you plan to sell, and how many people want your ebook. In order to strike a good balance, take these things into consideration:
How to price your ebook!

Below 10 $ for small ebooks under 5 pages

10-20 $ for a slightly niche market and around 10 pages with numerous chapters.

30-50 $ for a critical niche market, not yet exploited but highly desirable.

100 - 200 $ for ebooks that are highly desirable and highly informative, with many pages.

This is simply a rough guide, and prices may vary around the globe. If you are a little skeptical, adjust your prices. But remember, you want people to take you seriously but also believe they are paying a bargain price for the information you are offering.

Good luck with your ebook ventures!