Making a baby bottle can be more difficult that one assumes. There is a certain amount of water per formula ratio as well as how long you put it in the microwave and other factors. There is also the issue of choosing which formula you should use and finding out whether or not your child likes warm or room temperature water in their formula.

Things You Will Need

~baby bottle
~drop ins (plastic)

Step 1

First take your baby bottle and take the cap with the nipple off of the bottle.

Step 2

Now take one of your plastic drop ins and put it into the bottle. Make sure to keep the cap and nipple off of the bottle until you put water into the bottle.

Step 3

This is where making a bottle can get interesting. You need to know how much water to put into the bottle. That depends on how young and how much your child typically eats. Rule of thumb usually goes by this (if you are not breastfeeding):

For every two ounces of water you add 1 scoop of formula. Also for every two ounces you put it in the microwave for 10 seconds. So for example, say your child is 2 months old and they should now be eating roughly four ounces per meal. You would use four ounces of water and 2 scoops of baby formula for 20 seconds.

Now this is very IMPORTANT!!! ONLY put the bottle with WATER into the Microwave, Do NOT put bottle with WATER and FORMULA together into the microwave.

***(If you are confused about this there will be a chart in the tips and warnings. Also microwaves vary in power so test out the water on your wrist first)

Step 4

Now after you have put your bottle into the microwave and it has finished heating up you may put the amount of necessary scoops of formula into the bottle. Shake the bottle to make sure all of the formula has been fully dissolved into the water.

Step 5

Finally test the formula solution on your wrist to make sure it is not too hot or warm for your child. If it feels hot and not warm on your wrist you put it into the microwave for too long (Do not forget, microwaves vary by power).
Making a bottle is not as simple as one would think. This is especially true if it is your first time. (Ohh God Bless first time parents). Also if the table to how much formula to water and seconds in the microwave will be in the tips section. Enjoy making your baby's bottle, there will be many more times where you make them.

Tips & Warnings


Formula (scoops) Water (Ounces) Microwave (seconds)
1 2 10
2 4 20
3 6 30
4 8 40


All Microwaves vary in power test it out before you give your baby the bottle