As the Halloween celebrations are nearing, there is a craze amongst every one for the most peculiar and thrilling costumes.

The Batgirl costume will suit you the best if you are or of the bold kind and would like to show off. You can make a billion dollar debut in the batgirl costume. The idea behind the creation of this costume is to fight crime which means to drive away the evil spirits and let the good ones to move about in peace.

The features of the Batgirl costume are a black vinyl mini dress, the legendary logo of Batman in the centre of the tops. The other plus point is that the costume comes with a black cape attached to it. A black plastic mask also is available in the kit. The costume has a yellow belt made in vinyl in addition to gauntlets and vinyl boot covers that reach above the knee. You will be transformed into a diva if you are going to adorn this costume.

The batgirl costume comes in different sizes and patterns. It is available for kids, small girls, teens, and also for young ladies. Even women can adorn the costume. You can become the cartoon world's sexy female superhero adorning this sexy batgirl costume. You can pair with one of your friends asking them to adorn the batman costume. The sight of the two of you walking together will make everybody to wag their tongues. You may also be facilitated as the best couple of the Halloween costumes party.

The batgirl costumes are available in almost all leading stores. But they may be a bit pricy. You can also look out for a batgirl costume in Halloween costume stores, stores selling thrift, or you can make one on your own.

The materials required to make a batgirl costume are black vinyl material, a pair of black boots and boot covers which should be at least of knee length or a little higher, and a black cape. First of all make a mini dress that is proportionate to your body language and fits well from the black vinyl material. You can cut out the material taking your body measurements. Make cuttings to insert the neck and shoulders. Stitch up the material together. Make a black cape that can be worn around the neck and left free to hang from behind. Draw the bat symbol and cut it out and paint it yellow. Fix it to the top. Wear a yellow belt to complement the look. Wear eye mask made out of vinyl. Wear the boot covers to give the look a completion.