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              Everyone wants to have a great relationship.  Unfortunately, many people have not had positive relationship role models to guide them.  This has left many of us with no idea how to have a great relationship.   However, this should not stop us from having the relationship that we deserve.  There are many things that we can do to ensure that we have great relationships.

  1.  Have a date night once a week.  Although most of us have busy lives, we should all take time out to spend with the person we love.  Taking a night out to enjoy each other’s company and enjoy a good meal can be just what your relationship needs.  Use that time to talk about the things that are important to both of you without interruption.  This will make for easier communications at other times.
  2. Go on “Date-cations” (Date Vacations) often.  A date-cation is a word that I use to describe a weekend overnight trip.  You can choose to go in any direction somewhere between 2 to 4 hours away from home.  It should be somewhere beautiful, somewhat quiet and a place that makes the both of you feel good.  Destinations that are close to beaches, lakes, beautiful parks or great eateries are some of my favorites.  Plan ahead and make this time and place special. 
  3. Make your partner feel important.  We may know that we are loved by our partner but every once in a while it’s nice to hear it.  Everyone wants to feel like they matter to their significant other.  Kind words said often go a long way to improve a relationship.  This can take a good relationship to great relationship status.
  4. Leave anger at the bedroom door.  If you have had an argument and find yourself mad with your mate, leave those feelings at your bedroom door.  When you cross the threshold of your bedroom you should leave all the negativity behind.  Your home and especially your bedroom should be a place of love and delight.  Don’t taint it with bad feelings and angry words.  Make that the one room in the house that is always a positive place for the two of you.
  5. Choose couples in great relationships to befriend.  By keeping company with other’s that share a positive relationship we can reinforce our own relationship.  All couple’s can bring something to the table that may lend better understanding to our own situation.  This type of interaction can also be one of support in trouble times in either couple’s lives.   
  6. Periodically give little small gifts to each other.  One of my favorite things to do for my husband is to buy him his favorite dessert every few weeks.  Or buy him a nice shirt when I’m out and see one that would look great on him.  These little gestures let your mate know that you are constantly thinking about them.  Think about your own relationship and the things that are special to your partner and make them feel loved with these small tokens.
  7. Write love letters, texts or emails to each other.  Nothing brings a smile to a person’s face more than a surprise love note left on the bathroom mirror or a love letter in the briefcase or purse.  Think about the things you would like to say to your partner and then put it on paper or in an email.  What a wonderful way to say “I love you.”

             Give your relationship the best that you have to offer and feel free to use some of the ideas in this article.  Hopefully, they will help your relationship advance to from good to great.  Relationships take work, but it’s definitely worth the outcome of happily ever after.