Decorative storage trunks offer the homeowner the versatility of extra storage as wells as a beautiful decorative piece of furniture. Ranging in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials, decorative trunks will add to the ambience of any room.

Chinese Trunks

Chinese trunks come in a wide variety of materials and designs. Ancient Chinese did not hang clothes in a wardrobe or closet. They used a storage trunk to fold and store their clothes and then stacked them on top of each other. In the Chinese household today, decorative storage trunks serve the same purpose as cabinets. Like cabinets, they can come in many different sizes. Small trunks are used to store jewellery, documents and hair ornaments while the larger trunks are used to store anything from bedding and linen to clothes and shoes.

Chinese trunks are usually made from wood with elaborate paintings or carvings adorning the exterior. These decorations often depict the Buddha culture and Chinese lifestyle. Leather is another popular material. Pigskin is stretched over a thin wooden frame to form the exterior of the trunk. The leather is decorated and finished with a clear coat of varnish to protect the exterior and enhance the natural colors of the skin.

Wooden Storage Trunks

Ideally suited for decorative carvings, wooden storage trunks are a popular choice today. While most wooden trunks are lined with cedar to protect the contents, there is a huge range of woods to select for the exterior including pine, oak, maple, walnut, cherry, teak and mahogany. Wooden trunks and chests are light weight for easy transport as well as being reliable durable and affordable option.

Steamer Trunks

Steamer storage trunks were once used on long sea voyages to store luggage in a single item rather than using a range of 4 or 5 suitcases. Inside, they provide a number of storage options. There are small drawers for jewellery, toiletry and personal items. Larger drawers for clothing, underwear and shoes and hanging space for coats and shirts are also provided. Steamer trunks are durable and sturdy. The exterior is usually made from leather or oak which responds well to professional restoration making them ideal decorative storage trunks.

From wicker storage trunks to metal trunks there are many other types of decorative storage trunks to choose from today. They will add beauty and charm in your home as a decorative focal point as well as providing storage solutions at a reasonable price.