If you are heading out on a road trip this year, then why not make a travelers quilt?

This is a really fun project. All you have to do, is collect fabrics at each place you stop at. If you are doing a road trip around your own Country, then stop at little shops along the way and purchase some fabric. You can try small town antique stores, as they will quite often have pieces of vintage materials.

If you are traveling out of Country, then you are bound to find some really different ones. The best part of this, is you can tuck these pieces in your case and not be too heavy.

Once you get home, you can then create your quilt. It will be like a souvenir quilt. You can remember all the places you have been just by the fabrics you purchased on your explorations. This is a great excuse to shop at local outdoor vendors, and antique shops and artists shops.


Printable Cloth for Your Project

If you like to make quilts, then this one will make a great gift for yourself. If you don't want to make an entire one, you could make a pillow, or table runner, or a wall hanging.

So, instead of collecting spoons or post cards, go for the pieces of fabrics, and see if you can get enough to get that quilt started. If you have friends going away on vacation, you could ask them to bring you back a piece of local material.

With the internet, you can also purchase them online from all over the world and many vendors sell vintage pieces of cloth that are not being made anymore, but there is something special about a quilt that is made from fabric you found in a quaint little shop somewhere while traveling around. It will bring back memories of your trip.

It could have been on that camping trip, or that weekend away, it can be from the next city, state or clear across the other side of the world.

If you like to sew, and especially like to sew quilts, then you can have fun with this one. It can be a collage of fabrics to remind you of those great trips you took. You can also find some older vintage quilting patterns at the same places you find fabrics.

You don't have to buy bolts of fabrics, just enough to add to your project. You could also use the fabrics you purchase on vacation or out of country as an accent to a quilt you are working on now.

A friend of mine likes to make quilted jackets. She uses sweat shirts as a base for the jacket and then uses fabrics she finds from all over on her vacations and travels. This is another great way to make a travelers quilt.

You can get some really different fabrics that you won't find around home, so consider this next time you are taking that well deserved vacation. Also for some added flair, you can buy printable fabric at the local office supply store. This means you can print a square  of a vacation photo on this printable fabric that fits in your printer. This could add some memories to your travelers quilt!