Are you planning a wedding soon? If you are trying to do it yourself and need some ways to save then here is a fun and very low cost way to create some beach themed bookmark wedding favors. You can do this using a word document and your home printer.

These bookmark wedding favors can be made for any theme you choose, just customize them to get the look you want.

The best part about these bookmarks is you can personalize theme to say anything you want. Use poems, beach sayings, your names or whatever else you can think of.

They will look very cute arranged on your tables with other beach decorations!

First, you need to open a word document. Choose the tab that says "page layout" and then set the orientation to horizontal or landscape mode.

Next, you need to go to the insert tab and choose "text box." At first your text box will be in the center of your page, do not worry about that. Drag the text box using your mouse to make it long and thin just like a bookmark looks. Use your whole page but leave at least a thumb width space on the top and bottom of your bookmarks so you can have some room later to cut if needed.

Once you have your bookmark laid out just as you want it, then all you need to do is make copies of it! To do this, highlight your entire bookmark (do this by right clicking on the border of your bookmark) and then left click to copy it. Before you hit left click to copy, just be sure that you are on a blank space on your word document; otherwise the bookmark will copy itself inside another one.

The bookmark copy might automatically paste itself on top of your other one and if it does, just drag it across your page. Place it right next to your first, but be sure to allow yourself some room to cut them later. You do not want them too close together.

You should be able to fit about four regular sized bookmarks on the page. This is the perfect size and they will look great once you laminate and cut them out.

Once you have all four bookmarks laid out, you can proceed to customize them! You still need one more step before you can write in your quotes or personalization. Click on your bookmark area once more and click the insert tab once more and then place a final text box inside your bookmark, just make sure it is a plain box without any borders.

Repeat this step for every bookmark. Once you are finished with this you can add some pretty beach quotes or even add clip art or pictures of yourself and your partner! If you decide to add pictures and want them to look very nice then you need to print these at a professional copy store so the pictures will look good.

Use a color copier for the best results. All that is left is to laminate them and use an exacto knife and a ruler to cut them out. Anyone with beach themed rooms or home décor with a coastal feel might also enjoy one as a nice beach gift as well for their birthday or Christmas, so save your template and make some more when the occasion arises.

You might also want to try making some wine glass charms from seashells if you enjoy the beach theme decorations.