You can clean out your closet and make cash. You can do this by selling your clothes at a consignment shop. A consignment shop is a store that sells goods that are new or in good condition. Consignment shops that sell clothing will allow you to sell clothing in their shops. First, you need to gather the clothing that you plan on selling out of the closet. 


Clothing that is excessively worn, torn, and stained is unacceptable.  Therefore, it is best to sell the clothing that is in good condition or new. Shoes can be sold at the shop as well.  The shoes should be sold in good condition as well.  Some items to  consider for selling are those that do not fit because they are too small or too big. Other clothes that are no longer your favorite items are good to sell at consignment. Also, you may want to sell the new item that you forgot to return before the receipt was lost. Now, you are unable to get  a refund for the item without a store receipt. A receipt is not needed  to sell clothing on consignment.  Items that are new may sell quickly at a consignment shop.


 After you have sorted and gathered the clothing that you wish to sell, you can take the clothing to the shop. At the shop, these clothes will be price tagged. Usually, you will set the price that you want your items to sell for. When setting your prices, keep in mind that the shop will take part of  the  total sale.  This is why you must price the item at an acceptable price for you to receive after the shop has taken its part of money from the sale.


There is no fee to sell clothing at the shop. The consignment shop only makes money when the items sell. Therefore, the clothing can stay in the store until it sells without any kind of rental fees. When the items sell, the shop will usually contact you. Also, you may periodically check the with the consignment shop to see if your items have sold. After the clothing has  sold you can go to the shop and collect your money. The more clothing that you are able to sell the more cash you can make while cleaning out your closet in the process.  Then, you can go and buy some new clothing to put in your closet with the money from your sales.

Empty closet