I think at some point everyone has had the notion that they want to go out and work for themselves and have the social freedom in their schedule. Well due to the bad economy and job losses many people were handed that but also lost jobs in the process. However there are ways to earn a living online and still have that kind of lifestyle. Here today we are gonna talk about how to make money on your computer.

Okay so there is numerous ways to make money on your computer while sitting at home. But today I want to talk about doing this with your hands and mind. I'm talking about using writing to make money on your computer and then letting the earnings keep coming in for years down the road. With most of these sites the money is residual which means that a person keeps getting paid for months and years for work that's already been done. There are plenty of these places online including this very site Info Barrel where an individual can take this form of action.

So how does a person begin to make money at a site such as Info Barrel? Well you start by signing up and I have placed a link at the end of the article for those interested in becoming a member. Newcomers need to keep in mind that there are several different ways that the various sites pay their writers. For example Associated Content pays per every thousand views of your articles. But at sites like Info Barrel they pay a portion of the money generated from advertisements. It can be a gamble because some ads won't generate any money but others could be a goldmine.

The secondary way to make money on your computer while sitting on your butt is to have your own blog or site. This is a bit more complex but still very easy to do and could potentially earn more income. I have several of my own blogs and sites and it's worth the time and trouble to have some extra cash on the side. All it takes is an idea and some typing ability and you're on the way towards making cash online.

I'm not gonna lie it does take some work to make money on your computer at home. I wouldn't pay a bit of attention to any of these things promising easy money from home. If it were that easy our economy wouldn't be in the toilet with hundreds of thousands out of work. But if you can write good content and keep plugging away at it then the income will increase over time.

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