Easy Money, Items You Know


There are many ways to make money buying and selling things on eBay.  In this article I will show you one simple way to get started, selling a simple product: video games.


For the purpose of demonstration, I will focus soley on Nintendo 64 cartridges.  Here are a few simple methods I have used successfully:

1) Buy games in bulk on eBay.  Often you can find bundle packages of games selling at great discount prices on eBay.  Check the individual value of these games by checking the selling prices of the games under "completed listings."  If the total value of these games is worth more than the price you pay for the bundle (shipping and handling included) you make an easy profit.  Just make sure you make enough money for it to be worth your time doing the process of researching prices and packaging the games.


2) Check the thrift store.  Often people sell N64 cartridges here for dirt cheap.  These are usually people who want to clear their house of old "kid junk."  I recently purchased Paper Mario and Super Smash Bros cartridges for $1 a piece at the Goodwill down the street.  I turned around and sold these on eBay for $60 total.  What a deal!

3) Check novelty stores and used video game retailers.  These stores can be hit or miss often, but sometimes you can find great deals.  I walked into an "everything from the 90's" store and found nearly all of the cartridges selling for under $5 a piece.  

4) Talk to friends and relatives.  Kids eventually grow up and leave their parents' house.  They often leave their old gaming consoles at home, leaving parents eager to clear out the house.  Often they will gladly give you old video games and systems for free in exchange for you clearing out their basement. 

5) Check garage sales.  Same principle as above. 

Happy selling!  For more tips on how to make money off buying and selling on eBay check out my article on eBay Arbitrage.