Make Passive Income From Your Digital Photos

A List Of Resources For Budding Stock Photographers

Because of the Internet, it’s now easier than ever for photographers to make money from their photographs and you don’t even have to be an experienced professional. Some stock photo sites will accept your photos even if you’re an amateur or hobby photographer.

Below is a list of online stock photo sites where you can sell photos.

 Big Stock Photo –
Crestock –
Cutcaster –
Dreamstime –
Fotolia –
FreeFoto –
ImageVortex -
iStockPhoto –
PhotoStockPlus –
Shutterpoint –
Shutterstock –
Stockxpert –
Zymmetrical –

This is only a partial list of the most popular stock photo sites that help you sell your photos. Each site has its own submission guidelines and policies about how much your photos will be sold for, and what percentage of each sale you will receive.

I personally joined iStockPhoto in 2004. Back then I think their standards were much lower and I was able to submit a couple of photos that I had taken with a very bad camera but somehow they were approved and they are still making money to this day!

Although iStockPhoto’s standards have increased over the past couple of years as has their authority in the stock photo industry. Each year my earnings percentage increases. To illustrate this point I have earned more money in the past 18 months than I had in the entire 2004 to 2008 period with roughly the same amount of uploads.

The constructive criticism that I received from the administrators of the site when some of my pictures are rejected have pushed me to become a better photographer in general and overall it has been a great experience, the money is an added bonus.

I do believe their sign up process involves submitting a few of your best photos for approval and after that you can start making money.

As I mentioned I am by no means a professional photographer, I have never taken any courses in photographer. I am an IT systems administrator by trade but to this in the time I have been with iStockphoto I have earned $1,000USD with only about 30 photographs in my portfolio! If I had more time to take photos I could only imagine how much money I could be making if I had a couple of hundred up. So from personal experience I highly recommend iStockphoto for selling your photographs.

You could be making money with the photos you already have now.