With our increased luxury, there is also another trend increasing: to make espresso. Coffee maker machines can help big time in this. Nowadays the espresso machines are one of the most seen products in the kitchen. Instead of going to Starbucks to get your doppio, you can now brew the drink yourself, without leaving the house.

To buy such a machine can be an expensive and significant investment. There are two kinds of machines, the semi automatic and the full automatic. To make an educated choice on how you are going to make this investment some information.

Semi Automatic Espresso Machines

With the semi automatic machines you are in control with you coffee maker. In homes, these are most of the times the machines you will go for. The brewing process, which only takes half a minute, is started and stopped manually by the person who is making the coffee.

As every coffee machine needs a filter, these machines have either a pressurized or a commercial filter. The filter usually consists out of a metal holder with a handle made out of plastic. The next time you are at Starbucks look at how they make your espresso, these are the thing you should have as well. These handles require to have the grind setting, the tamp pressure and the timing right in order to make the perfect cup of black gold you want to have.

The pressurized portafilter is a little easier to use. It has a ring inside which will adjust the water flow and it also makes your creme on top better. If you don't want to worry about the pressures, timing or the grinding of the beans you should go for a pressurized portafilter.

Super Automatic Machines

As the name says, this machines does everything full automatic. You only need to push a button and your cup will get full and your brain will be awakened. All that is necessary is some pre-programming when you are setting up the machine for the first time. This is for the less skilled brewer, or the lazy brewer, who wishes a machine which can do it all alone.

Awesome Features of Espresso Machines

As with every device, there are some non-obligated features. These features make the machine even more awesome and they also naturally increase the price. More features? A higher price.

Digital displays

can help you in controlling the options of your machine. Maybe a timer for saving some energy? You can even go as far as programming how much coffee grounds the machine will use to adjust the taste and strength of your drink. The temperature is adjustable as well.

Bypass dosers

are perfect for people who wish to make decaffeinated coffee every once in a while. You will use pre ground coffee and with this feature you bypass the grinding process.

Adjustable dosage feature

Allows you to adjust the amount of coffee in your coffee. If you like your drink strong, you will use a lot of beans, and if not you will use only a little. This is normally done with a coffee grinder. Burr or baldes are the options when you are discussing grinders. But with a coffee grinder / coffee maker combination machine, as these machines are you won't need that anymore!

Whatever machine you are picking, and whatever feature there is attached to this machine, you will have your good cup of espresso. So if you would like to make espresso, coffee maker devices can help you big time!

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