With summer just around the corner most of us are gearing up for vacation.   In my family I am the planner and financier of all things related to summer fun and I ALWAYS want to do more than the budget allows! 

In the past I have followed the advice of other frugal moms and purged our basement and garage by selling things on Ebay, Craigslist, consignment shops, and hosting yard sales at my home.  While I have had some success with each one, they all have their various drawbacks. 

A few months ago I started noticing some interesting groups popping up all over Facebook.  Groups like “Buy, Sell, & Trade”, “My Bargain Discounts”, had dozens upon dozens of listings for sale.  I joined a few and listed a few items – success! But I was looking to really purge the junk and make money enough to consider the effort worth the time.

So when it came time to switch out the closets with warm weather clothing I decided to expand my efforts.  Why not sell ALL these things that they have outgrown on Facebook?  I made $55.00!  The next time it more than doubled.  Now I do one every couple of months and am very happy with the process. 

Here are a few easy steps to maximize your profits.

  1.  Set up a simple backdrop for your items.  In my opinion plain white or black looks best.  You’ll want to minimize or get rid of anything in the background that could be distracting or look messy.  I have a plain white comforter and just arranging the items on it seems to work fairly well.
  2. Take a clear, high quality picture of each item.  Some phones take nice pictures, some don’t – make sure that if you choose to use your phone that is one that takes nice pictures.
  3. Upload the photo album to your Facebook account and give it a name that draws attention.  It doesn’t have to be very creative; it just needs to clearly state what you’re doing.  I find that a simple “Closet Cleanout Sale!” works well.  Double check that the album is set to “public”.  I made this mistake with the first one I posted.  Like most people I have my account locked up as tightly as possible.  If I post a new album it is automatically set to friends only.  If it is not set to public, no one outside your friends list will be able to view the album.
  4. This next step is crucial.  Describe and label each item!!!  Be as detailed as possible.  With clothing make sure to include brand and size.  DO NOT FORGET TO ADD THE PRICE! This step takes some extra time but is well worth it.        
  5. Decide on a meeting place, delivery point, and if you are willing to ship items to friends not in your immediate area.  If you plan to offer shipping make sure to figure those charges into your pricing.  I typically will meet with people in a parking lot of a well-known local location for item delivery and to receive payment. 
  6. Promote your album!  If you have friends with children that might be interested in clothing from your children tag them in the comments section.  Post your album to any buy, sell, and trade Facebook sites that you belong to.  Ask a couple of family or friends to share your album to ratchet up exposure. 
  7. Lastly, make sure to check your progress a couple of times per day.  I usually accept the first “bid” on the item.  In other words, I consider the item sold to the first person to comment that they want it.  I typically reply with a “sold”. 

Overall if you want to make some extra money quickly and without any fees I highly recommend giving a Facebook yard sale a try.