Homemade Lemonade

As the old saying goes, should life give one lemons, go forth and make lemonade. Let's say life was not so kind  to give the lemons.  Go buy them.  Make lemonade this summer. In fact, take time to stop, smell the lemons,  and make homemade lemonade. 

For one luscious glass of lemonade:


Ingredients:  lemon, sweetener (sugar or artificial), cayenne pepper, mint, maraschino cherry

  1. Zest one lemon, and put the yellow greatness into a glass.
  2. Juice that lemon and add the juice and pulp to the zest. 
  3. Choose and add your sweetener of choice. Add two tablespoons  sugar.   Three teaspoons powdered, artificial sweetener make the drink near calorie-free.  Try something new, perhaps.    The natural sweeteners made from the leaves of the stevia plant are fantastic.  They add an almost cotton candy taste.  Use three teaspoons if using this type of sweetener.
  4. Throw a pinch of cayenne pepper in for fun.    Yes, that says cayenne pepper!
  5. Add three-fourths of a cup of  cold water, preferably carbonated.  Fizzy greatness happens.
  6. Give an enthusiastic stir.
  7. Add ice if desired.  Frankly, this drink is remarkable without the ice weakening  its lemony greatness.  If using ice, a treat is to keep a bag of store-bought ice in the fridge.  Why?  Refrigerator ice is cloudy, and the store-bought variety is so beautifully clear.
  8. Garnish with a sprig of mint and maybe even a maraschino cherry.
  9. Enjoy! Grab a favorite magazine or book to come along for the experience.

Why in the World Go to SO Much Trouble for Lemonade?

There are easier ways to go to get a lemonade "fix."   The bottles, the cans, the paper pouches, all offer something called lemonade.  This one glass at a time technique one might say is so labor intensive compared to the pop-the-top,  unscrew the lid,  "just mix the powder and water" varieties.  Don't miss the point.

Make the experience one of seeing,  feeling, smelling, and tasting summer.   Feel the cool, smooth lemon skin, perfectly textured.   Feast the eyes on the beautiful yellow color that only nature can offer. Smell the "citrusy" greatness.  Hear the delightful fizzle of the carbonation.  Take time to enjoy life and summer. 

And Another Plus?

Children love this quasi cooking  activity.  Make them the sous chefs.

In school, children write  papers telling how to do something.  That writing would be a perfect follow-up to this cooking adventure.