As adults, it seems it’s harder to make friends, but you don't have to suffer from loneliness anymore. You have five ways you can make new friends starting now!

1. Ask a genuine question

The challenge: Ask someone how their day is going and mean it.

When you go through the checkout line the checker, they will usually ask how your day is going, and if you found what you were looking for. We respond automatically without a second thought. Once beat the cashier to the punch and ask how their day is going. Really listen to the answer. For bonus points ask a follow-up question.

2. Look them in the eye

The challenge: Look ten people in the eye and smile.

Choose a location where you feel safe enough to accomplish the challenge. The encounter might be brief like passing someone in the street or a glance as you find a seat on the subway. To fulfill the challenge look at a stranger in the eyes long enough to give them a smile. You score bonus points if you make it fun or silly and make them smile back at you.

3. Give a free compliment

The challenge: Give a compliment without wanting anything in return.

Have you ever seen someone with a hairstyle, shoes, or simply a sparkling personality who brightened your day? Now is your chance to use your voice and say something! Hand out compliments like they’re candy, don’t linger to wait for a return compliment, but disappear into the night like a caped compliment crusader!

4. Do something outside your comfort zone

The challenge: Do something which is the opposite of your personality.

If you live an out-loud life full of excitement and adventure, I invite you to sit in on a lecture or book reading. If you are a homebody who only leaves the house to grocery shop, I invite you to attend a concert or go to the fair. When you get outside of your comfort zone, you allow unexpected pockets of magic to happen, and at the very least, you allowed your horizons to broaden.

5. Lend a hand

The challenge: Perform an act of service with a group

Personally, it’s easier for me to interact with people I don’t know when my hands are busy doing something. There’s a multitude of ways your community needs your help now. You can join a tree-planting committee, a coat drive for the winter months, or volunteer for a community event. This will put you in circulation with many kind-hearted strangers, and make it easier to succeed in making friend with a stranger.

If you want to make friends, it all starts with taking a positive action. Take a chance, you will meet incredible people who can’t wait to be a part of your life.


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