Gold, the one thing everyone has and most not enough of in World of Warcraft, is a crucial part of the game if you are serious about playing. I have played WoW on and off for 3 years and will tell you the best ways I personally have made gold. Some are easy and risk free, others are based on taking a calculated risk on the market and buying and selling at the right time. I will also tell you about ways to make gold that will make you want to farm cause for the little farming you do it will bring in big bucks. So if your ready for a lot of work and a little luck read the information below and if your ever on blade's edge look me up the name is Mercyrainn (alliance)

Farming- The one word just about everyone hates to hear (haha) but believe it or not farming is one of the best ways I have found to make gold. I farm ore and herbs then sell them on the AH. If your just starting out then i recommend starting and farming straight through till your maxed levels. When you are maxed out then go back to the lower herbs/ore and sell those on the AH. They will sell for more than the current herbs in game because people are ALWAYS wanting to power level a profession rather than farm out the mats for it. Hence the first sentence haha. While it is time consuming it is a for sure way to get gold with no risk on your part.

Professions- I myself do herbing and alchemy and on that alone have made over 100k in about 2 months. I am sure if I was dedicated on making the gold alone I would have reached that point much sooner but I was raiding 3 nights a week and still had 3 kids and real responsibility outside of the game. So I would spend nap time getting herbs and making flasks and selling them on the AH. Great source of gold if you find out the major raiding schedule on your server and sell on the AH accordingly.

AH (auction house) flipping- This way takes a calculated risk and some on hand funds to start but just like on the stock market if done correctly can make you tons of gold in little to no time. I do not have a lot of experience with this other than cloth. I do have friends though who do this on a regular basis and have over 500k on hand at all times. Cloth is one of the items on the AH that is going to sell nonstop no matter what is going on. People are ALWAYS leveling toons and professions so cloth is a vital part of game. I buy cloth when it is "low" and sell for a higher price. I have a set price I sell stacks for and will buy when they are below that and resell at my higher price. (some people use a addon like auctioneer to scan the AH for items you can flip there is a tab that allows you to set the stats you want it to look for. I did not use it because I only flipped cloth but if your planning to flip anything and everything the by all means this will make your job A LOT easier.)

Making gold off of a upcoming expansion- For this route I would suggest getting a banker toon and getting up your own guild bank on the toon because this route includes stock piling for use at a later date.  It is amazing how much gold people will pay to get a "realm first" achievement, that being said you will use their drive for your gold. You will want to farm all the end game cloth, herbs, ore,leather, gems and fish and put them in a bank until day 1 of the next expansion. On day 1 of the expansion (well really the first week or 3) you will see the prices on these products fly through the roof because people would rather buy the items then farm them to max out their professions.

While all of these ways require time and effort they are ALL legal to do in the game so there is no worrying about having a bot and worrying every time you go to log in if you have been reported and now banned from the game for botting. Happy Hunting and good luck on your quest of making it to your gold goal!! FOR THE ALLIANCE!! haha