Why would I make Google my homepage?Simple answer- because it loads so quick and is not full of junk.Sure Google pays writers when people click on their Adsense advertisements. But that is different.This happens when you search a site for something you are interested in.When you arrive at the site and there is something you want to buy you click on it and may buy that item.The writer of that page will earn money from Adsense when someone clicks on that advert.




Many other home page sites are full of news items, weather, and sports.These things may interest hundreds of people although there are thousands that want a simple site that they can go to that loads quick and offers them a choice of where they want to go for themselves. Google has many other advantages like other programs to help people to surf the internet and create documents or blogs to spread their achievements over the internet.




Blogspot – This is where you can create your own free blog.Whether it is to sell Amazon products or eBay articles or anything at all it is simple to set up yourself with a template of your choice


Google Adsense - if you are a blogger or a writer, and you are writing for any writing site then you will need to sign up for Google Adsense.This is a great way to earn money while doing the thing that you love.That is writing about your favorite topics.Or showing of your talents as a writer by writing about how make the things that you take for granted and do every day that others would love to know how to do.How to articles and DIY articles are highly sought after, so why not join up with info barrel or similar sites and earn money writing and explaining to others how you are earning money from home.


Google Analytics - This is where you can track all your earnings. You can see who and where your traffic is mainly coming from.



Google Wonder Wheel


If you have ever suffered from writers block then this is the best thing for you to check out now.You type in a word like fishing and it will come up with all types of fishing, fly fishing, reef fishing deep sea fishing. Then you can branch out from this, it will tell you what types of lures for fly fishing.Years ago we used to call this brainstorming but with wonder wheel it takes the worry out of having to use your brain it does it all for you.




Google documents -This is another advantage of using Google they have their own documents for you to use.You can create any basic documents by using one of their templates. These templates give you the option create documents with bullets, formulas, images, creating tables just like you do on your own computer through word.


A Google document also allows you to upload images and accepts most file formats. You can also have a say on who sees your documents. Like other programs you can also copy and paste onto your new BlogSpot blog that you have created with Google


Google Earth- This is another fantastic program from Google.You can actually hone in on your home if you are away for a week and make sure the kids are not having any wild parties.My daughter actually showed us this when we returned from a holiday. She had mentioned that she had been keeping an eye on the place and I thought she meant she had driven down to check it out.No knowing she had done it on the internet through this program.




Here are a few others for you to have a look at listed below:


·Web history




·Google friend connect


·Google reader


·Google alerts






Pend a few moments and go the Google and Igoogles pages and see what else they have created for you to play around with