A lot of people have problems with eating healthy. People are just too busy trying to make ends meet to have to worry about the kind of food they eat. A lot of folks will eat whatever food comes their way without even checking what it is that they are putting in their mouth. Ask a busy person what they ate for lunch the day before yesterday and you will most likely see their eyes glass over as they come to terms with the fact that they just cannot remember.

A great way to eat healthy is to use spices to your advantage. You should try to eat healthy as much as possible and it should not be about eating food that tastes like a used sock. You can use spices to make your food a lot more interesting. It is time to get over your fear of spices and use them in your food to make it taste great and help you lose weight.

If your doctor has asked you to eat lots of salads, use spices to make your salads a lot more interesting. Take some garlic powder and mix it with some olive oil to drizzle over your salad greens. Include some chopped nuts and fruits with your broccoli to give it a nice sweetness. There is so much that you can do to make your food sing. Salt, however should be used sparingly.

This is because salt can cause certain health problems. Too much salt, the amount you would get in a fast food burger and fries combo, can cause an increase in blood pressure and water retention. So you should try to use it as sparingly as possible while using other spices to provide most of your flavor.

One other way to cook healthy is to buy your meat from a butcher. This way you can get great prices and a lot of variety. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to eat chicken breasts to stay healthy. You can eat any part of a chicken really. It will be a lot better to cook a chicken thigh than to eat a plate of chicken nuggets from a fast food place. Try to cook at home as much as possible to make eating healthy a lot easier. When you have to grab a quick lunch, make it a soup and salad.

So, it is time to get over your fear of spices and to use them in your cooking. Spices don't always have make food uncomfortable to eat. The whole point is to use spices to make food good tasting. Don't use as much as your local Indian restaurant would but use enough to add some soul to your cuisine.