Herbal tea

 It’s not that hard to make your own teabags and you can grow the tea yourself. You can grow herbs for tea on your window sill or outside in your yard. This way when you have company, it will be a quicker way to make herbal tea.  The tea will be fresh and you will reap all the health benefits.  Once you have dried the tea leaves, you can store them in jars until you make the tea bags.  Remember, that it’s always better to grow organic (no chemicals) for anything you are going to consume.

 Types of teas:

Rosemary: There are some hardy varieties that can make it through the winter.  This is an herb that needs a lot of sun but is easy to grow on the windowsill. This herb should not be used if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy.

Calendula: This is the common marigold found in gardens. It’s easy to grow and you can use the flowers and petals to make tea.  This herb can reduce swelling, battle illness from infections, and repair wounds.

Red Clover: The heads of the flowers are the medicinal part. This herb has been named as a possible cancer preventative.  It can be used to remedy cold symptoms like bronchitis.

Chamomile: This herb needs a sunny location and will spread and overgrow. It is not hardy enough to make it in the cold winters, but is easy enough to grow on the windowsill.

Lavender: This makes a great tea and can be used to relax you. It is easy to grow on the windowsill. You use the flowers to make tea.

Peppermint: This plant can be dried when it flowers. This is another herb that will overtake your garden like weeds do. Peppermint can be a very tasteful and beneficial herb to use as tea.  The leaf is the medicinal part of the plant.

Once you have dried the herbs for tea use, you can use coffee filters to make the bags. Just cut out the circle in a coffee filter (two per tea bag) and with a staple less stapler put two circles together, leaving a small opening to put the herbs in and then close the last part with the stapler. These also make great home-made gift s. You could make a variety of blends as a Christmas gift or a housewarming gift.

You can also make Herbal compresses by using the same method and putting them in the freezer for use for aching muscles.

 If you already have some of these herbs in your gardens, here is a good idea to use before the first frost so you won’t waste those wonderful herbs.


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