Glass Cutting Drill Bit

Slowly does it

Glass is difficult to work with seeing as it is so brittle and hard. You certainly don't want to mess with tempered glass either. Watch out for the types of glass that will shatter if you try to drill holes in it. Be careful when using tools of any sort on glass. To stay safe you will need eye protectors or a face mask and gloves too.. The diamond tipped glass drill bit is the hardest cutting material and that is what you will need to cut or grind a hole in glass.

More Than One Hole In The Bottle

It will be extra difficult if you are trying to drill a hole in something that is not completely flat. A bottle will be more a challenge than to drill into a flat pane of glass. Whatever you are drilling into make certain that it is fully supported. Have the drill bit turning really slowly when you begin the drilling into the glass. The faster the drill speed the hotter the drill bit will get and the more likely it is to break the glass or wear out the diamond drill bit for glass.

Diamond Hole CuttersHaving a Cracking Time

So that you don't crack your substrate, the glass, the drill speed should be about 2500rpm or slower when you start the drilling. Use a core bit or a rounded end bit for best effect when you are making a hole that is smaller in diameter. It is Ok to speed up the drill a bit after you have got the cutting properly started. For a larger diameter glass drill bit it is best to use the drill at a slower speed. The colour of the drill bit should be watched. There will be discolouration when it gets hotter.

Keep Your Cool

Reduce the heat caused by the friction by cooling the area you are drilling. One good way to do this is to get some plasticine or something similar to build a little wall around the drilling point. Fill the reservoir created with some water . Or you could put the item if it is small enough to fit, in a tray that can be filled with water. Be Aware ! Electricity and water are not good together. So that you don't electrocute yourself you should take extra care for safety.

You will get good cooling of the drilling area in a tray with water in it. Take that when you break through to the other side that you don’t drill through the tray also. Cooling something that is held vertically is not going to be so easy. The best you can do is to get a container with water in it that you can spray or squirt onto the glass tile drill bit while it is cutting.

Glass Cutting Drill Bit

What I have found to be the best way to get a hole started is to put some tape on the class so that the drill doesn’t skate around before taking hold. Or get a piece of wood pre drilled the correct size to keep the glass cutting drill bit, drilling in the proper spot. It will work in a similar way if you are putting holes into stone or into tiles. Something else to be aware of - It is not a great idea to use a hammer action drill on glass.