Have you ever been short on cash and need to get a gift for a friend or family member? If you are an avid gardener then try to make a homemade gift from your garden. This is a great way to save some money while still giving something special for your loved one. Homemade gifts may not be flashy or expensive, but they are thoughtful and come straight from the heart. It takes a bit of planning and thought to make a homemade gift which is why they are so special. This gift is actually very easy to put together and it consists of a simple Mason jar or pretty glass container, cuttings from your garden as well as a lovely bow.

First, you will need to gather your mason jar or the jar of your choice. If you are short on homemade flower arrangementjars or vases, you can either head to your nearest thrift shop to take a look at the section where they have cups, vases and glasses to drink from.

You can also look for some old and cheap garden planters in your garden and choose one of those! Put an old planter to use by recycling it for your gift. Just be sure to clean it up so that it looks presentable.

If you are using a plain Mason jar, the prettier the ornamentation on it the better! Colored jars are also striking and make great presentations. If your jar or cup is not pretty then just stick it into one of the cheap garden planters that you have cleaned up.

Next, go outside and pick some cuttings of some of your prettiest plants. Be sure to shake each one a bit to make sure it doesn't have any bugs lingering on the stems.

Remember to place your cuttings in a bucket of cool water as soon as you have picked them. You don't want them wilting on you before you arrange them!

If you have scented vines and herbs, these will look fabulous and they smell wonderful which the recipients always love.

Take your bucket of cuttings indoors and sit it down so you can start arranging.

Once you have your jar picked out you will fill it about halfway with water. Start arranging your cuttings as desired. It might help to have a picture of what you would like your arrangement to look like, so try doing a search online or in some books so you can have an idea of how it will look.

Tie a pretty bow around your jar or garden planter and you are all set!

A big bonus to taking cuttings like this is that some of them might start to grow roots! Your gardening friend will be thrilled with the extra plants.