Would you like to make a cute wine glass charm out of seashells? Here is a very simple and fun way to do it.

This is a great craft project the day after rummaging for sea shells at the beach. You will love them and you can even give them out as inexpensive gifts to family and friends! This is a fun beach craft project that you can also do with the kids and a good way to keep them busy.

These can also be used as napkin rings and even Christmas tree ornaments. Just modify the length of the wire and you have several seashell crafts projects in one.

Here is what you need to have:

· Seashells

· Pretty Ribbon (optional)

· Delicate beads of your color choice

· Thin gauge wire

· Wire cutter (optional)

· White felt or metallic tape for backing

· Scissors

· Hot glue gun

Get your supplies out and lay them on a clean work surface.

Grab a clean seashell and your felt or metallic tape and cut out a pattern to fit the back of your seashell.

Make it smaller than the seashell to make sure it will not show once the shell is face up. Once you are finished set your felt to the side.

Next you need to cut about 16 inches of your thin gauge wire. Dab some glue to the back of the seashell and attach your 16 inch long wire. Quickly add glue the rest of the shell and attach your felt or tape backing that you cut out earlier. This will help reinforce your wire to ensure it stays put.

Now that you have your shell attached and secured you can add your pretty beads. Try to choose some that sparkle because they will look best when they are on your wine glass.

At this point you can also add short strands of your pretty ribbon and attach them to your wire in various spots if you would like to.

This is a great time to get children involved. They will love adding beads and ribbon to the wire and it will be fun to see all the different combinations you can come up with for this seashell crafts project.

Once you have added the beads, you will want to secure them by looping the wires on each end around themselves.

Make sure they are secure because if they are not, all your beads will come off.

Once you are finished you will simply loop your beaded wires several times along a wine stem and you have a pretty and homemade wine glass seashell charm!