Infant PantsI love all things crafty, however, I rarely have more than 30 minutes of spare time in any given day. I set out to change the way I make clothes because quite frankly I just don't have time for my favorite activity. This tutorial is designed for the mom on the go, the thrifty mom and the trendy mom.

I am often frustrated by the choices of clothes in department stores. I have 3 children that are under 3 so they are growing out of everything quickly. Wouldn't you know that the oldest is a boy so nothing can be handed down to the 2 girls. And I will have to wait more than a year for anything from my 2 year old's closet to fit my 4 month old.

making hemsI am a mom that likes clothes to fit well, and be made to withstand the day to day torture that a toddler will inflict on the material. I am also thrifty enough that I don't want to pay $20.00 per outfit for something that can only be worn a handful of times before it is outgrown. For these reasons I turned to making clothes for my children. This craft is fairly cheap if you consider the materials used, and I feed my need to do something crafty with my hands.

Like many of you I don't have 3 hours to cut out a pattern, and pin, and cut, and re-pin, oh the rigors of sewing. Spending more than 30 minutes to 1 hour sitting for a craft just didn't appeal to me. Because I have a short attention span and dinner to put on the stove I needed to figure out a way to make clothes that wouldn't take up the majority of my day. These methods were born out of my trial and error and are now adapted to videos you can follow along with at home.

four hemsThese pants can be made form a variety of materials that you already have in your home. A great source of material to make infant pant's is well worn t-shirts. I mean who doesn't love the feel of a great t-shirt? Hit your local thrift shop or rummage through your closet for some great finds and lets get started.

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