We've all Look the Part(48820)Credit: http://blog.brooksbrothers.com/heard the popular catch phrase 'fake it until you make it.' However, I decided to title this article 'Make It Until You Make It,' because life oftentimes demands you put forth a little more effort than just you fooling yourself. Situations will often arise where you're forced to give the perception that you not only are what you are not, but you must also be able to validate and back up whatever that is as well. Below are a few simple things you can do to prepare yourself for those situations, by taking advantage of your resources and looking the part for much less.

Tips on How to Get by Until You Can Actually Afford to Quit Putting on the Front

1. Make a Vision Board - It's hard to get somewhere when you have no idea where you're going. A vision board will give you a clear, visual representation of your goals and help hold you accountable for achieving your dreams.

2. Build Your Confidence - Fine tune your decisiveness and decision-making skills. Also figure out what it is you believe in. And stick to it. People are looking for leaders. And they want to follow people with these qualities.

3. Read and Learn Constantly - No, I don't mean Glamour and GQ magazine. Sure, I would definitely encourage finding a website or resource to keep you updated on current local,national, and world news, just so you know what's going on on the planet, because you could possibly use that information for a conversation starter…which could then lead to building a relationship! But don't get carried away with the nearly useless pop culture news and trends, because you definitely don't want it crowding valuable space in your mind that could be used for much more important things. Instead, try some self-improvement or personal development literature. Or maybe find some tips, tricks and interesting things that most people don't know and could help you stand out in a social setting. You could also learn something related to what it is you do for a living, which would probably make you better at whatever that is and increase your value.

4. Work on Your Words - Think before you speak. You don't want people to go around thinking you're just a regular educated Joe. They expect that. You want to stand out from the crowd. Do a little research, and start using more interesting words, phrases, metaphors, and even start to incorporate stories into your vernacular. People love stories. And they also love to talk about themselves. So, remember that as well when talking to others. As a general rule, if you have a five minute conversation with someone and you let them talk for three to four minutes, they'll remember that conversation a lot longer than they would if you were talking the whole time.

5. Network Like Crazy - This is probably the single most important tip. And to go an extra step, I think it's safe to say that this tip is really the key to having anything and everything you want in life. Relationships can do things for you and get you into places that no amount of money could ever buy. And the person with the connections and fewer skills will pretty much always get the job over someone who is more qualified but knows no one.

6. Shop at Yard Sales and Thrift Stores - Sometimes it's required of you to look the part, but you don't have the cash to shell out to purchase that fancy new Louis Vuitton suit, shoes or handbag. Well, luckily, you can find a lot of great, high quality apparel at rock-bottom prices at yard sales, thrift shops and even on sale or hugely discounted at retail stores - because maybe that particular item is out of season. (Hint: for great sales, buy clothes for that season right after that season is over, because the stores are trying to liquidate everything to make room for the new season apparel. You'll be able to find some awesome deals and savings)

7. Couponing - This is something I would say most people do not take advantage of simply because they are ignorant to how coupling works. This is an excellent way to cut corners which can free up some cash for other things that you're saving up for. Check out the Additional Resources on the right side of the page for great resources on couponing tips.

8. Take Advantage of Your Resources - Use whatever tools and resources you have available at that time to your advantage. If you're broke and need the Internet, but can't afford high-speed, go down to your local coffee shop and bum it off them. And don't try and make yourself feel bad or guilty because you don't buy a biscotti or latte each time. You're simply doing what you have to do for yourself at that time, to get by, until you can get to where you want to be.

** If you make an honest effort to do one or a couple of these tips each day, you will start to see amazing results. It will take some time, but, if you are persistent, opportunities will begin to unfold, and success will soon find you.