Do not read this if you are looking for a Push Button way to make millions online. If it was so easy then teen magazines would have "How to Make Millions Online" as their cover feature. It can be done, but it will take a few years of hard work.


You have to get other people working for you and you have to treat your online work as a business. Many people are still looking for a Magic Money Button. There is none. If you are reading this looking for an easy way to make millions online, then stop reading now.


The Make Millions Online Plan depends on having a few thousand in the bank, so first you have to earn that few thousand. Once you have that few thousand you can use it to pay others and increase your turnover.


Different Phases of Business Growth


Start Up Phase – This is where you have no money, so you have to do all the work


Growth Phase – This is where you have enough money to employ other people. If you pay one person $30,000 a year and that person brings in $50,000 of income then that person makes you $20,000 a year


Mature Phase – This is the expensive phase. You need offices and managers because all your employees need to get together and to work as teams on different projects, at least that is the conventional approach.


Make Millions Online Start Up Phase (First Three Months)


If you have only $100 capital, either in the bank or that you can borrow from a rich relative you are going to have to do a lot of work. This phase of the plan will last 2-3 years. Don't give up the day job just yet, but if you are unemployed you might as well use your time profitably.


The simplest way to earn money online honestly is to write articles. There are sites that will pay you upfront, but you can earn more, year after year if you write for a site that gives you a share of advertising revenue.


Action Required: Sign up for Info Barrel – Cost $0


Once you have joined Info Barrel make sure you learn everything there is to be learned, become an active member of the forum and ask questions. Write articles every day, even if you cannot think of a good title, keep the writing habit and write a good article about a mediocre subject.


If you still have a day job then set aside time before work for writing one article a day, while you are fresh. If you are unemployed write at least two and preferably three articles a day.


Action Required: Build a Blog – Cost $0


To earn money from InfoBarrel you need an Adsense account. Google will only give you one if you have a website. You need a website to link to from your article signatures. You can set up a free website at and start a blog. Do that now. Make a few posts, then apply to Google for an Adsense account.


Action Required: Keep Writing Articles – Cost $0


This is a long-term plan and you must keep at it if it is to work. It has not cost you a cent so far, just time and effort. Write three articles a day, every day for a month. That will give you a hundred articles and you should start to see some Adsense income in another month.


Action Required: Build Links to Every Article – Cost $0


Google will only rank your articles well if there are links pointing to them, join the sites below and use them to link to every article you write.


Action Required: Keep Writing $0


It is absolutely essential if your plan to make millions online is to succeed that you keep writing high quality articles every day; even if you have rest days do just one article. If you have a day job then use the weekend to write three articles a day. A variation on the plan would be to set yourself a target of fourteen or twenty one articles a week, rather than a daily target.


Action Required: Set Up a Website $85 (You have that $100, remember?)


Your free blog was just so you could get an Adsense account; forget it now. If you are going to earn millions online then you need full control of your own website. That means you have to buy a domain name and hosting. I recommend Blue Host. They have unlimited space, bandwidth and you can have extra domains hosted on the account at no extra charge.


Action Required: Install Wordpress  $0


Forget HTML, you can set up a four page Wordpress site in half a day. It would take you four days to do that using an HTML editor. There are many articles that describe exactly how to set up and configure Wordpress. Make sure you put a Privacy Policy on your site, you can get these free online.


Action Required: Keep Writing Articles  $0


Your Info Barrel articles ARE your business; keep up your writing schedule or your business will fail. It is very tempting to spend time building blogs instead of writing articles. You have to find the time to do both.


Action Required: Make Daily Posts to Your Website $0


It will be a few years before your website earns you any money, but you must nurture it now. Your attitude to it should be that your website is there to help people. If people find it helpful they will come back and might even link to it. Links are what you need to make your website profitable in the future


Action Required: Check Your Signatures $0


Your signatures can earn you significant amounts of money, all contributing to your plan to make millions online. Keep them up to date. Find referral products to link to from your signatures. Link to your own website or blog, too.


Action required: Check your Adsense Earnings – Cost $0


You should be earning money most days now, and you should be seeing a steady increase in your earnings. You might not have reached Cash Out level yet, but you should be headed there.


Make Millions Online Start Up Phase (Second Three Months)



Keep up your efforts for another three months, build a website in every niche that you write articles in, so you can link from your signature in those articles. Each extra website only costs you $10 for the domain name, hosting is included if you are using Blue Host.


Make sure you keep up the writing schedule and blog posting at least twice a week. Make sure every article has multiple links pointing to it and that your articles are interlinked as fully as possible.


At the end of the first six months Start Up Phase you will be ready to gradually transition to the second, Growth Phase of your plan to make millions online.