You can make millions online, but you need to throw away your principles to do so. You have a better chance of making millions if you can cross the boundary between online and offline worlds.


You started your plan to make millions online by writing for Info Barrel for the first year, perhaps with some outsourcing towards the end of the year. You set up five or six websites in your areas of interest and have been posting to them at least twice a week ever since. If you check your statistics you may well find that you have more readers than you are aware of, very few blog readers ever comment or contribute.


For the past year you have been learning and for the past six months you have been planning how to use that learning. This year your business will really enter its Growth Phase. Remember it is a business, not just a plan. You have to continue to work at it.


Make Millions Online - in the Offline World


Now is the time to pass on some of your accumulated knowledge, first hand by running courses, rather than giving it away on your websites. No matter how much you write down on a website, lots of people will never learn it. They may never find your website, and even if they do many visitors would learn better if they could hear it from you directly, practise it and use it while you are there to support them.


If you want to be a guru and rip people off then this article is not for you. A typical guru course costs $1000 lasts 2 days and the course members leave all aglow, but unable even to build a simple Wordpress website. They know all about list building and running affiliate programs, email auto-responders and about giving website visitors worthless, junk e-books to make them feel appreciated.


If you have morals and want to give people value for money and skills and knowledge they can actually use, immediately, then read on.


Your Courses


You have learned the many aspects of trying to make millions online over the past year. You could not take in all of that in a two day course, neither can anyone else. Isolate a few parts of your learning that you are totally happy about and that other people need to know if they are ever to have a hope of making millions online. Run a course about one part of the whole online money-making business.


Your Making Millions Online Course Subjects


You could run courses in Search Engine Optimisation or in Link Building. Your courses could focus on How to Choose Key Words or How to Choose a Wordpress Theme. These are all things you have learned, but you have to think hard about them now, to realise that you have learned them and thay what you find second nature, others have never heard of.


Organising your Course


Think about what facilities you will need for a course. These might include a projector and screen, electric sockets, WiFi access to the Internet for yourself or for everyone on the course. Think about how your students would need to be seated, will they have access to power supplies for laptops if they are seated like that. It is better to have your first course limited to 20 students for the sake of your self-confidence. You can increase the numbers after your first, successful course.


Once you have your requirements sorted out in your mind, contact a few local hotels to enquire about suitable rooms and charges. Use local hotels to cut your costs and stress to the minimum. Some hotels will have a room charge, others will charge per person, just be sure to take a few notes and photographs of the possible venues.


Check available dates and booking arrangements with each hotel, including cancellation arrangements. Ask if you can make a provisional booking without payment. To be realistic, even if you pay in full, if the hotel gets a better offer then they will just cancel your booking. This is a reason to always use the same hotel where you can, they will think twice before cancelling the booking of a regular customer.


Marketing your course to help people make millions online is the hardest part of the entire process of running the course. You need to let people know your course exists and to convince them to pay to attend it. all on a marketing budget of almost zero.


Your realistic marketing options include:

  • Put the information on your websites and blog posts
  • Use free banner exchanges from sites like to raise awareness
  • Use free press release services, but you will need an 'angle'
  • Posters and cards in local shops
  • Paid for banners on Facebook
  • Paid for classified ads in your local paper (lineage ads offer good value)
  • Paid for press releases
  • Adsense ads or CPM (pay per impression ads)


Working out a price to charge for your course is difficult. If you make it free or very low cost people will not attach much value to the knowledge you are trying to impart. If you go too far the other way, then people will think it is too expensive. When you are trying to reach a compromise between these two extremes think about what your students will be able to do immediately after your course and how much it will have helped them. Check in the press and online for similar courses and what prices are being charged. Your prices should be broadly inline with those of other course providers, you do not need to get into a price war, there are plenty of people who want to learn what you have to teach.


If your room is costing you $200 and you have 20 people who pay $100 each for a full day course you will take in $2,000. After expenses and room hire that would be $1,700 profit for a one day course. Even if your expenses were higher you would make $1,500 per day.

One day courses for 20 delegates needed to earn one million dollars is 667.

If your courses were for 50 people then you would make $3,000 a day, courses needed 334.


If you only did two courses a week you would have made a million dollars offline from your online endeavours in less than four years.