Many of us are wishing that money truly did grow on trees as making money becomes more and more difficult. Plenty of us are still working our way back to where we were before the recession began, or hanging on for dear life as the economy struggles to gain footing once more. What can you do to get paid now, make money from nothing or find multiple streams of income to give you a little breathing room? Play defensive and generate many streams of income in your life rather than relying on just one job as we have for years.

Making money may seem like it is getting harder and harder to do of late as incomes shrink and we struggle to find the full time employment and benefits that were once what we expected in the workplace. The truth of the matter is that things are still slow and relying on one job for all your income is a frightening proposition. Making money today is a whole new ball game than it used to be. Never rely on just one income because it is just not safe to do so anymore. Generating multiple ways of getting paid every month from many sources spreads your risk around if one job should end. Some methods require time, while others get you paid immediately. But, realizing that you do have options and assessing your needs is the fist step to a better financial future.

I Need Money Now, Work Today Get Paid Today, How to Find Emergency Money and other Ways to Get Paid Right Away

If you have only a day or two to come up with the cash you need, then you have some limitations as to how you can raise the funds you need. But, here are a few options to generate some money quickly and get paid today:

1. Sell something of value. Scour the house for things that either need to be sold or are frequently unused. List them all on Craigslist at a value price and you will get paid today in cash for your efforts.

2. Head to the recycler and cash in. Gather up anything you can recycle and turn it in for cash. Papers, metals, cans, plastics, glass or anything else of value will put some fast money in your pockets.

3. Become a junk hauler for your friends. Becoming a junk hauler is a very similar concept as both selling something of value or recycling for money, only on a slightly larger scale. Other than your time and gas it will cost you nothing and will get you some immediate money for your efforts

4. Host a virtual community garage sale. A favorite strategy of mine, this trick goes a step farther than selling something of value. Contact your friends and offer to sell their extra stuff for them on Craigslist for 10% of the total selling price. Find out what price they will accept up front and then do the work for them. You would be surprised how many people do not want to have to sit around waiting to make the sale on their unused stuff and will be happy to let you do it for them. It is a good way to help your friends out while making some extra money yourself.

5. Find odd jobs to do for money right now. Cutting lawns, washing and detailing cars and other odd jobs are not just for kids anymore. Put out some feelers and see who has work available.

6. Work a gig. Gigs are very short jobs that are usually completed in hours or a day and paid for in cash. Criagslist is a great place to find gigs, as are online college newspapers and local classifieds.

Of course, you could always go to the other standards of making money by selling gold, silver or other metals. Just be certain that you research how to sell gold and not get ripped off. Actually, with the price of precious metals high right now learning how to sell silver without getting ripped off is a good skill to have. There are many silver services, broken jewelry and other places to find silver at estate and garage sales which makes this a profitable enterprise for some.

There are other ways to get money today that I do not recommend, but will mention them here because they are options that some would choose: taking out payday loans, pawning jewelry or other valuables and borrowing from family or friends. These are all loans with either high interest rates or other consequences that require steep repayment. The ideas prior to that are ways to find money without having to repay it. Therefore, the earlier strategies are better option in my opinion.

If You Have a Week to a Month to Make Money

With a week or two, your options are considerably wider than with a day or less. You can still use the strategies above, but will have other options for making money that you would not have in just a day or two. With several weeks, these options are also available to you:

1. Sell yourself or body parts. I am not going to recommend anything other than legal options, and there are several. Many young college age women have become egg donors, young men sperm donors, some donate plasma, and others sell their long hair.

2. Take part in a research study. If you live in a major city with a medical school there are many research studies that offer compensation for participation. Some studies require a few hours, days or weeks, others a month or two. Compensation varies depending on the study and duration.

3. Look for contract work. What are your skills? Can you write articles, do research, do computer programming other skills that translate well to online work? There are many, many companies online that offer contract job boards with work to bid on. Try sologig, eLance, vWorker, guru, oDesk, or gofreelance to name just a few. Jobs are usually paid upon completion and will clear your bank account within a week or so after.

4. Become a microworker. If regular contract work is too time intensive for you due to your work schedule, consider becoming a microworker. Microworkers are those who take very short term contracts, some only minutes log. The wages seem low until you realize that the tasks are easy and fast and contracts are completed in a minute or two. Mechanical Turk and are two sites that specialize in microwork contracting.

5. Register for part time or full time contract work with a local agency. Another option is to register with your local temporary agencies for work in your town. There are a large number of temporary agencies in every major city and all offer immediate employment. Show up, do a good job and collect your paycheck.

6. Become a survey taker. There are many reputable survey sites online with new projects starting everyday. Credible survey sites are a good way to make extra money by participating in focus groups, phone interviews and surveys. Payment usually takes a few weeks or less.

With Several Months to Make Money

With several months to make money, try to focus more on a passive income or residual income strategy.

What is passive residual income? Passive income is most familiar to us as the interest on our investments and comes to us in the form of either interest or dividend payments. It is money that comes to us without any effort once we set up the initial investment. The money does the work for you, rather than you working for a paycheck. Of course, there is no reason you can not do both if you choose to.

Did you know that there are ways to make money with no money that will pay you passive income for years to come online? It may seem too good to be true, but the Internet has made it possible to make money from nothing and have a regular stream of income that is paid to you every month for years to come. Working on generating passive revenue income is a popular option for both students and work from home moms looking for a way to earn extra money. Here are some of the easy ways to make money from home that can help you to generate and additional stream of revenue every month:

1. Generate video content for video revenue sharing sites. There are numerous video revenue sharing sites online that will allow you to upload your videos for free and then share the revenues with you. Monies are distributed monthly, and the more you produce the more you will make.

2. Write web content for revenue sharing sites that accept articles. You can make a lot of money from nothing by becoming a regular contributor for Infobarrel, Hubpages, Squidoo and Associated Content. These are some of the larger sites that will allow you to write and post your articles for free. Once promoted, your content will produce month after month for you from that point on. Regular income you can count on that grows with your efforts every month is a great way to generate either a part time or full time income online.

3. Take digital photos for free stock photo sites. These sites allow you to build a portfolio that will pay you for each photo downloaded. You do not need to be a professional to post your content. You only need to have an eye for what is around you and be diligent in building a huge set of photos to earn for you. The more digital photos you take and upload, the more you will make.

4. Start an Ebay Business. Find a wholesaler or product with a large profit margin, post, sell, and profit. Ebay is a good way to way get started selling on a small scale and learn about e-commerce. The posting fees are reasonable, and you can start with just one item to sell.

5. Start an Ebay Dropshipping Business. For a more hands off approach, find a product you can dropship through a wholesaler and start your Ebay business for the cost of your first listing. This is a good option for those who want to work an hour or less a day to make extra money.

There are many ways to make additional income, even in a slow economy. The key is matching the right skill to the time frame you have to make the money you need. For those who find themselves saying "I need money today," "I need ways to make money today," "I need to work today, get paid today," your options are a bit limited. There are still ways to find the cash you need without borrowing it, begging for it or stealing it.

For those who have a week or two, taking short term work, gigs or figuring out how to make emergency money is a little easier. You can string together more than one strategy or focus on just the one that will meet your needs.

If you have a longer timeframe, make money options are broader. With several months you should look towards generating passive income streams or residual income to diversify the risk of loosing your full time job. Focus on part time income generation that takes little of your time but generates extra money and security both regularly and reliably.