Many people would love to have a blog but are frightened of the Wordpress backend and do not know where to start. This gives you an opportunity to help them by running classes at your local school in starting a Wordpress blog.

Find a Location for Your Wordpress Classes

Schools charge very reasonable fees for room hire. You do not need a computer room or suite, only a room where there is a wireless Internet connection. You should be able to rent a room for $20-40 for 2 hours in the evening or at a weekend. Check that the room has at least 10, and preferably 20 electric power outlets. Leave booking a venue until you have enough people interested.

Publicise Your Wordpress Lessons

Advertise Classes in setting up websites, blogs and Wordpress using press releases to local newspapers. Set up a blog advertising the classes you intend to run. Try to start a media campaign by talking on the subject on local radio stations.

Find a Web Hosting Service for Your Students to Sign Up To.

It makes it much easier if everyone uses the same web host, otherwise you will have 20 different sets of instructions to talk people through, simultaneously


Find a web host that you can honestly recommend and that has a good affiliate program. You can easily find one that will pay you $60 per sign-up and some will pay as much as $125 per sign-up. Your host should offer hosting for an unlimited number of domains for the same, fixed, price. Ideally the package should include unlimited bandwidth and disk space, too. Think Host offer such a package.


Set up at least one Wordpress blog on your chosen web host. You need to become TOTALLY familiar with the particular method for installation of Wordpress that that host uses.


Make DETAILED notes of the procedure, ready to print off for your students.


The referral fees for the hosting you recommend are going to be most of your remuneration for running the course. You could run the course for free and still make a substantial profit on it by your class all buying hosting through your link.


People only value what they pay for, though. If you provided the course without charging most potential students would be suspicious. Better to charge a low fee, something like $10 for 2 hours.


If you were philanthropic and really wanted to help people, you would get your students to sign up as affiliates for your chosen web host before they bought their hosting. THEY would then receive the affiliate commission, meaning their hosting would cost them next to nothing.

Preparing Your Students for the Wordpress Class

Make it clear that they will need a credit card to pay for their hosting and domain name, and that they need to provide a laptop computer with a fully charged battery. Tell them to bring a charger as well. Mention that they pay you cash at the course.

Preparing Yourself for the Wordpress Class

You will need to give receipts for the $10 fees so buy a duplicate receipt book.


Buy dry-wipe pens to use on the white-board in the hired room.

Print off your step-by-step instructions for installing Wordpress.

Buy a few multi-outlet trailing electric socket extension leads.


Order or make business cards with your name, phone number and details of any extra Wordpress services you offer such as theme design.


Persuade a guinea pig who is not computer savvy to try to follow your written instructions on setting up Hosting, a domain name and Wordpress.


Amend your instructions as necessary. Try them out again


Print off multiple copies of your instructions in a large, easily read font such as Comic or Verdana.


Set up a simple web page with a simple address. Put your name, the date, course venue and a (referral) link to your chosen web hosting service.

Running Your Wordpress Class

Write your Course's web address on the white board.


Try to seat people near to sockets, for when their laptop batteries run out. This is why you bought the extension leads.


Go round and take their $10, issuing receipts as you go. Do this while people are still coming in.


Explain that each person needs to decide what subject their blog will be on, so they can choose a name.


Explain what a web host is and why they all need to use the same web host – For simplicity of following instructions as a group.


Most of the class will have already logged on to the course web page you wrote up. Ask the remainder to do so.


Ask them to click on the link to buy their hosting and to go through the transaction. If you have chosen a host that provides a free domain name they will each be prompted to choose a domain name during the transaction. It might take a while to get everyone to find a suitable name that is available.


The people who finish first can start following your sheet of instructions on installation and setting up of Wordpress.


You will be run off your feet for the second hour of the class and if you can persuade one or two people to help you it will take a lot of pressure off.


Make certain that everybody has Wordpress installed on a domain they have chosen, with a new theme and their first post by the end of the class. If necessary, you or an assistant will need to do it for them. Your students are your customers, you have to keep them happy.

Future Income From Your Wordpress Classes

Hopefully you will have so many students that you can run your course weekly or monthly for the foreseeable future.


You could offer individual theme design using Artisteer, either free, with your links on, or, more likely for a small fee such as $20 and be sure to put your link in the footer. Artisteer will allow you to design a Wordpress theme in 20 minutes once you are familiar with the program.