Make money between jobs and eliminate childcare expenses at the same time. These are not glamorous jobs but they exist in every neighborhood and some of them pay quite well. Combine several different ones and you could be self-supporting, without benefits, until the job market opens or you have the necessary cash to start your own business. These jobs could lead into self-employment if you so desire.

Work from the comfort of home as a call center employee. The current trend at call centers is to outsource the busier hours of the day to part-time employees who work from home. The company posts available hours, sometimes one month in advance, and you sign up for the blocks of time that you can work. Some companies have a 2- or 3-hour minimum block (such as Thursday from 4PM-7PM) while other companies allow you to choose as little as one hour here and there. Some of them require that you work at least 10-15 hours per week or it is not worth it to them to keep you on the payroll. Some of the companies advertise on Monster and the other major job boards while other companies will hire exclusively through temporary agencies. Legitimate companies will never ask for money but they will insist that you have a cable Internet connection and a quality headset. You need absolutely quiet surroundings so it will sound as if you are in an office.

A handyman may want to contact local realtors and landlords to help prepare homes for sale or rent. Realtors appreciate being able to rely on someone who can get a house ready for the market quickly. Jobs could include anything from minor repairs to replacing the gutters.

Deliver sandwiches during lunch Monday through Friday. The people who work in downtown office buildings frequently order lunch for delivery. Many offices order every day. Downtown restaurants that are open only for lunch need many drivers to get the sandwiches delivered quickly as this is the only time of the day that they make money. Delivery is usually from 11AM-3PM and some restaurants stop delivering at 2PM. These restaurants only cater to the downtown office crowd so there would never be nights or weekends. To be successful at getting good tips, you need to hustle to get the orders delivered quickly and be pleasant with everyone at all times.

Work as a hotel door attendant or kitchen helper during the weekends and holidays. This is another job where tips can be quite good if you put out extra effort to learn guests' names and quickly meet their needs (call a taxi or give directions to a nearby attraction, etc.).

People living in seasonal climates who enjoy physical activity and yard work can earn money year-round. A big moneymaker could be for people who own snow blowers, especially this past winter with so many storms. People are more than happy to pay you to clear their sidewalks and driveways while they stay inside. You may also want to approach shop owners who are busy waiting on customers and would appreciate your services. Make money in autumn by raking and bagging leaves, cutting firewood, and trimming bushes and hedges. Hire out with a yard service during the summer months. Get a suntan while riding the lawnmower.

Hire yourself out as a housecleaner at retirement communities. Retirees are generally very clean and have the apartment already picked up before you arrive---no sticky fingerprints or toys to pick up.

Make money with a pick-up truck by cleaning out houses. There are hundreds of thousands of abandoned homes, many of which need to be cleaned out as part of the foreclosure process. Check with the foreclosure or real estate departments of banks in your area to find out how to be hired. Sometimes the belongings need to go to a storage unit and other times they are yours to sell at the flea market.

Make gift baskets to sell to hospitals and downtown professional offices. Check with the gift shop at hospitals to see if they purchase outright or sell on consignment. Employees in professional offices are generally too busy to shop and appreciate having a selection of gift baskets brought to them. Choose different themes such as baby boy, baby girl, birthday, anniversary, get well, holidays, etc.

Make money with your digital camera by selling photos on the Internet. You need to know how to watermark your property and track improper usage as well as take excellent quality photographs.

These are just a few ideas to make money between jobs. Find a quiet place and make a list of all that you can do. Look at the job categories in the yellow pages if you need inspiration. Then look at the companies listed under that category and you would know where to look for work.