Start A Blog

If you have only just begun in the world of blogging and writing online, you are probably feeling pretty overwhelmed by the sheer volume of making money online articles, ebooks and programs you have come across. Something to remember is that even the most experienced Internet Marketers and niche bloggers were once newbies themselves, and they all had to start at square one, just like you. This article provides one approach and it is not a “get rich quick” scheme by any stretch of the imagination. 

Choose a niche that suits your interests and personality. It is important for you to really think long and hard about this first niche that you are going to tackle because if you are not interested in the topic, it will be difficult to write enough blog entries to make such a project worth your while. It is helpful if you know the niche well or if you feel confident that with an adequate amount of online research you can write knowledgeably about the niche.

Create a blog based on the niche that is of the most interest to you. You can create a Blogger blog or a Wordpress blog (or choose whatever other blogging platform best suits your needs and preferences). Something to keep in mind is that you do not own the free blogs, and as such, they can be removed. The reason so many people opt to purchase a domain name and hosting services and use a platform such as Wordpress is that they retain ownership of the blogs.

Post frequently to your blog. The search engines are partial to fresh content and to sites that are active rather than static. The best way to keep your blog “active” in the eyes of the search engines is to be an active, prolific poster and to write content that is of genuine use to your readers (rather than simply stuffed with keywords and nonsensical content). 

Promote your niche blog by contributing useful, informative articles on your chosen niche topic to the better known article directories, such as Always be sure to include links back to your niche blogs, and make sure that these backlinks adhere strictly to the guidelines of the article directories. The more quality high quality backlinks you create leading back to your niche blog, the better because these backlinks will help your blog rise in the search engine rankings.