If you have an interest in creating blogs then you need to learn how to maximize their earning potential. Blog profits can be substantial if you are willing to dedicate the time that is required to setting it up and maintaining it.

blogging for money

Your first step to creating blogs that earn is choosing the right niche or topic to cover within your site. You need a topic that people are looking to research or learn more about. This can be any number of the 1000's of highly searched out topics floating around the World Wide Web so if in doubt go with a subject that you know. (To find out how popular of a subject it is you can check out Google trends or even Googles Adwords: Keyword Tool)

Choose a visitor friendly and easy to navigate layout or template to use when creating blogs. User friendliness is going to be important in getting visitors to stick around to start earning you some blog profits.

Before you jump into publishing it pays to have some content ready to publish before hand. The more content that you have at the ready the better, this will keep you open to covering other steps that need to be done to make blog profits after you begin creating blogs.

The content needs to all be topic related and consist of some decent paying and searched keywords and be formatted with good search engine optimization (SEO). Try to avoid keywords and phrases that have an enormous level of competition as this will make it harder for you to climb to the top of the search listings.

Keep your content fresh by submitting new content regularly and updating regularly – which means no less than weekly for maximum performance results. If you don't have time to submit a new article or post weekly then at least try to get in there and add some extra content to already existing posts – the search engines look kindly on this action.

Monetize your blogs with advertising revenue after you've had some content added to them. To do this you simply need to sign up with one or several sites that will let you earn ad revenue in exchange for you placing their targeted or related ads on your site.

3 sites that can be used together and are 100% free to sign up with and are a great source for blog profits are: Kontera, Chitika and Google Adsense. (If you haven't joined Kontera yet and would like an invite– please send me an email at momwhowrites(at)comcast.net or comment below and include your email address and I will send you an invite within 24 hrs!)

Consider adding some related affiliate programs to your site. When creating blogs no matter what topic you choose to cover there are typically companies or individuals out there looking to get their products and services noticed. This can be a great way to earn some extra money – just really do your research and find out which programs pay the best and are known to have a high click to purchase ratio.

Create some backlinks to your sites once you are finished creating your blogs to maximize traffic, potential blog revenue and show the search engines that your site is legit and useful! The best way to do this is to link to your sites from other high ranking sites preferably ones that are similar or related topic wise to yours. You can also do this through related forums - just be sure you don't spam forums with your links/sites and instead use it as a signature and be a regularly contributing member or post it directly in response to subjects or questions that you know your site can assist with.

NEW (updated 10/27/10)

If you are new to blogging and still on the fence as to whether or not you can actually earn then you may benefit from The Niche Blogger course. Here you get step by step guidance (video step by step as well) on every thing that you could possibly think of or need to do in order to make your blogging experience a profitable one. If you are already a Niche Blogger member I'd love to hear your personal experiences. So far I hear from so many bloggers about how much benefit they've received from these courses so whether you sign up for a membership or simply the free 3 day trial or free 10 day crash course - let me know what you think!